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Merry Christmas! I got a puppy for Christmas. When I am able, I will post pics!
Has anyone seen the show "Clash of the Choirs?" I watched it last night, because I recorded it, thinking maybe it wouldn't completely suck. I was curious, and curiousity killed my cat. I watched it and wanted to vomit. Not only did the choirs suck- but watching people like Nick Lachey try to conduct made me want to crawl into a hole and die. They mostly had soloists and then everyone else in the "choir" was dancing around and doing "choreography" (and even that was shoddy). The soloists were sometimes dressed like hooches, and made me want to punch a baby. That's right, I said it. ALSO- one choir, "directed" by Patti Labelle, did a version of one of my favorite songs: "I'll Stand by You," By The Pretenders. OH MY WORD! Not only did they kill the song, but the soloist (see- I told you- soloists with choreographed crappy background singers) was FLAT for most of the song and sucked. Then, they would go to the "
These are some random pics I thought I'd share: Jake (with mic) and Bryan rocking out to some Chris Ledoux at karaoke. I feel compelled to tell you there are indeed no strings on that guitar. He's pretending. Me and my friend Melinda, trying to look cute. The Pistons, doing their trademark ritual before the game.
Update on my mom: The bone marrow transplant is on hold. They are too concerned that bleeding will be an issue to do the transplant. The irony: The transplant is supposed to remedy the bleeding problem. So, they are going to be doing chemo to hopefully get the blood disorder taken care of first. This is frustrating, since they made such a big deal out of the perfect match, and now they are saying that other things need to be done first. Nothing too exciting is happening in my life.
No new news on my mom as of yet. We find out more in a few weeks... hopefully when he transplant will take place and everything. We had a good thanksgiving. Mom was so hungry and ready to chow down! She ate quite a bit (for what she has been able to eat lately). Then at around 5 pm ish she started feeling crumby. I guess every day its similar. She feels good in the morning and most of the day until about that time. She gets really nauseated and just feels awful. So Hopefully all of this transplant business will cure all of that! Nothing really exciting is happening in my life. I had a short week this week and I was glad! I just get so frustrated at work sometimes. Not because of the job at all- because of certain people I have to work with. I don't really want to go into it any deeper than that. I watched Isaak tonight for my sister while she was at work (actually, I still am for about five more minutes). He's such a good baby- even when he's sick. He
PRAISE GOD! They found a match for my mom's bone marrow transplant. My youngest aunt (my mom's sister) Kellie is a match. It is such a blessing, and I see God's hand in this whole thing- because she is the only one eligible who hasn't had children. They say having kids changes the marrow, and she's been trying since she's been married with no "luck." Maybe now God can work some more and she will get pregnant after she does the transplant! Thank you for all your prayer support and encouragement! I couldn't be happier today!
Please keep my family in your prayers. Four of my mom's siblings were tested to see if they're a match for bone marrow and none of them are a match. There are only two left- then me and my siblings. To be quite honest, I'm terrified that I will have to be the donor. Thats scary stuff to me. I mean, of course I would do it, but honestly it is absolutely a frightening thought for me. Just keep us all in your prayers that we will find a donor, and that the match won't freak out!
Sorry for repetitiveness for those of you who already read this on facebook. This is a post that I recently had on there and wanted to share with the rest of you guys who may not have already discovered the wonderful world of facebook. Love and Stupid people I hate when people say things like "I couldn't help that I fell in love with him/her." Do these people not realize that love is a choice? Sometimes I wonder if these morons realize what love really is. I'm convinced that many don't. Okay- so I'm not married. I'm not even dating anyone right now. However, I'm not hesitant to say I've been in love (some of you think you know who I'm referring to, and you don't), and I know what it really is.Its not stalking someone until they get scared and give in (as my friend Melinda once said). It doesn't make you do things that are emotionally, spiritually or physically bad for yourself, or especially the other person. It is a choice. We choo
Last time I heard, my mom is doing well... just for anyone who might be wondering. I'm planning on going to see her tomorrow before work to see how things are going. I'll let you in on more when I know more. I went and saw "Anne of Green Gables" this weekend at the Michigan Theater. A guy I know was cast in the off-broadway show, and we took two busses full of 97 people to go see him in it. I wasn't familiar with the plot, but I must say I enjoyed it (even though there were a million children there and then the tallest lady in the whole place sat right in front of me). I was glad to go see Justin (Goodemoot) because he is fabulous and was so good. I can't wait to see him in more shows!
I'm not sure what's going on but I have to pick my mom up from the hospital tonight after work. Please keep her in your prayers. Apparently her husband is in the hospital now too. Don't ask me why, because I'm not sure as of yet. A saint was called to Heaven this week. A man from my home church, Mike Richardson passed away this week. His funeral is tomorrow. He is now happy, without pain and with his two great loves, The Lord, and Pearl- his wife.
It turns out my mom was just dehydrated the other day when she was taken to the hospital. I went to see her yesterday (at home) and she was sleeping ... but today I guess she feels better. I'll have to do some research on the bone marrow transplant to see exactly how it works. Chances are I won't be a match. Usually siblings are the best match.
I just found out my mom is back in the hospital and went there today via the ambulance. I'll keep you updated.
I was just informed that my mom will indeed need a bone marrow transplant. Please keep her in your prayers. She's scared, and doesn't want to go back to the hospital. This has all been very hard on her. Its almost hard to believe this has been going on for 8 months. She's had an awful year- with her health, and that affecting her financial well-being. I hate to even say this in the same post, but I guess good comes with bad(and I'm not even sure its bad that she has to get the transplant- maybe that will fix everything). I found out today that my name was drawn for the Suite tickets to the Pistons Preseason game at Van Andel next Wednesday. I was pretty excited about it. Its an expense I wasn't planning on having, but I've also decided to start donating plasma again for some extra cash flow, even though I may not truly NEED it. It always helps. Now I just have to figure out who I'm going to ask to go with me.
I had to write, since the first Pistons preseason game was last night. The Pistons beat the heat 103-86 in their first game this year. I am ready for this season! This pic is the jump ball at the beginning. Sheed is playing center this year (at least now)- but he can pretty much play anywhere. I love him.
This weekend was so fun to see some old friends again and hang out. Its sometimes crazy for me to think of these people as parents...especially after some of the crazy and random stuff we used to do. I only have this one picture- compliments of Deven. This is me and Caleb (a.k.a. Baby Wes). Its a pretty good one I must say. Well done, Swan.
Ok, Deven- I'll bring my harmonicas.
My mom finds out soon if she will need a bone marrow transplant. I hope not! That is just scary to me. She has to go on Long Term disability here soon because she's been off work. I hope she can get back to work soon! I know she's going crazy. I had a long talk with my friend (who is also a pastor) today. I am feeling a little better about my current situation. After talking to him and my friend Charity... I am realizing where I fit into this whole equation. There are people I care about that are making some horrible decisions (aka - sinful ones)-however, if I am the person that calls them out, my motives will be questioned. I have been advised to basically just walk away. I'm not sure if that's necessarily the best advice as far as the situation of the other people involved, but for me, maybe its best. I need to work on me. Just because people in my life have used me, and tossed me aside, all the while acting like my friends, or more- I need to move on. I
My friend is back home... in an odd living situation- but at least has a place to live for her and her two kids. I'm going to seek some advice from a pastor friend of mine about this whole situation (which I have written minimally about). I am very torn. People deserve to know the truth, and I am already being persecuted for telling the truth, and I know I will burn some bridges if I do. Anyway, other than that... there are some other things going on. I am going to be going to IWU homecoming this weekend. Its more about the friends I will see rather than the homecoming events. I'm taking Friday off and going down there, meeting my bestest friend (Amanda Faz) and hanging with her for the night- and then going down to the WU Saturday. Plans are tentative from there, besides going to the homecoming fair and lunch. I look forward to getting on campus, since I haven't been there in three years. Okay.... well, perhaps I should go now. Back to work!
I have finally found out for real that I've been being deceived. There's no feeling like it. You feel cheated, used, lost, and just disgusted. Someone I know has used people to their advantage to get to places she wants that are incredibly sinful. I may have called her a friend at one point, but that will never- and I repeat NEVER happen. I just don't understand how people can disregard others feelings and just go about life as if there are no consequences. There are. And I, for one- do not want to be a part of it. And because of all this, a friend of mine was kicked out of her dad's house. I may talk to him, because she shouldn't be punished for others choices. She's pregnant and has a 2 year old son, and nowhere to go. I am sick over this. I am disgusted. I am beside myself. I can't handle all of this. It makes me want to move away so I don't have to deal with all of this garbage that is straight from the pit of hell!
As a matter of what might be called happenstance, I am in the middle of a big mess right now. It is not easy for me, and I am having a really hard time with it. It has to do mostly with two females I know who are not on the best of terms right now. I have been placed inadvertently in the middle and now am being accused of things myself - which I really do not appreciate. It kinda makes me feel like a kid with the divorced parents trying to turn the child against the other parent... only its a little different. Its hard for me to be objective, because of some other circumstances, but this is something my life really didn't need right now. I was just starting to feel good- and seemingly have found a possible new church family... and now I'm just worn out... all since Sunday! That is crazy! Sometimes I wish I could just do what my best friend wants me to do and move to Indiana! But running away would not solve the problem- even though its not even my problem. It would pr
I am not feeling so well lately... keep me in your prayers. My mom is hopefully coming home this week. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing. The house is a disaster ( I stopped there today), and I hope the person whom made it that way with clean it up BEFORE she comes home. That house would be so much cleaner if one specific person didn't mess it up with a bunch of crap. Anyway, what I was saying.. I'm just not doing well emotionally. Its way too long of a story but I am just not feeling well about my life in general at this moment. Hopefully its just hormones or something- but I really do know its more. And I loathe that.
Not a lot to report here.... sorry my life is actually quite boring! Keep my mom in your prayers. They did a biopsy this week of her lymph nodes. I haven't heard anything about when the results will be back.
This past weekend was great for me. Not only did I get a three day weekend (woo hoo) but I had a really good time (although I failed to take any pictures to capture that). Anyway, I mostly watched softball all weekend. It really made me realize how much I missed playing and really even watching. There were some guys I knew playing in the annual tournament this year, so I pretty much did that all weekend, and hung out with friends and family, and that was really nice. Although, I think I got a male friend of mine in trouble after Friday night... we were dancing together and afterwards, I was asking him if he was going to be around Saturday and he got this look on his face and then told me he would be, but he was bringing his girlfriend. The rest of the weekend he acted differently, so I assumed he got in trouble. Oh well. I didn't know. Dancing is just dancing sometimes anyway. My friend Andrea is back in town and I can't wait to see her! She's been in Texas for w
Okay this will be quick, because I only have three minutes before I have to start working. Things are going okay here. I haven't really had much to report... no relationships, no babies, nothing- so I haven't really posted anything for lack of interesting things to say. I have really been missing my old IWU friends lately! I am thinking of going to homecoming and hopefully seeing some old friends. The worst thing for me about college wasn't studying for music history, or anything like that... it was leaving. Okay.. I'm excited for the long weekend. There's a big thing in the area they do every year with softball games and stuff and I'm really excited about it.
I just wanted to take a moment to ask for prayers for Beau and Nicole Hummel and family. Their son Bryson was involved in an accident with a lawn mower, and last time I heard, they had to remove part of his leg. Beau and Nicole are two of the most faithful and strong people I have ever met, so I know the Lord will see them through this time... but I can't even imagine what they are going through right now. For updates, view this site
Ok people, if you want me to read your blogs, you have to let me be a reader. If you don't like me, that's fine. Don't invite me. If you do here's my email: . I'm only going to leave this post up for a short time because it contains my email address.
I got my harmonicas today! I was so excited! Too bad I got them too late to actually start messing around with them (although I was while I was driving- I know, real safe). Anyway, I'm so excited about learning and just playing around with them. What else? Gosh its Monday- I don't know. I have an ebay problem. I recently allowed myself on there, and have already purchased harmonicas, a karaoke cd for WICKED, and actually currently need to pay for two more karaoke cds I purchased. This could be a major addiction if I let it. I could buy karaoke CDs all day long and still not have "enough." I really want a Heart karaoke CD, because there are sooooooo many good heart songs, and there are so many of their more obscure songs that I can't find on CD! Anyway, I'd better go.. gotta work in two minutes!
This week has been so slow at work it almost makes me want to poke myself in the eye to realize that yes, I still am alive and not really in some twisted version of hell. Seriously! Its pretty bad when people in the insurance business are watching the weather and almost hoping for a hurricane to hit so they won't be so bored. Ugh... things are going okay, besides being boring. I'm so ready for this week to be over though... I'm totally excited because the Pistons are coming to VanAndel (in Grand Rapids) on October 17 for a preseason game... against the Denver Nuggets! Which means, not only will I get to see Sheed, Chauncey, Tayshaun, Rip, C- Webb, McDyess, Maxiell... and all the guys on the Pistons team (including Jarvis who was just signed)- but I will get to see one of the greats- A.I- aka Allen Iverson along with Carmelo Anthony in person! I am so stoked! I really want courtside this year, since last year I had to settle for third row. The tickets aren't ev
Well, my mom is home. That is a relief. Ann Arbor is a long way away! She's still tired and what not, but coming along well, I'd say. I went camping this weekend and it was... well, something. My family goes to the same place every year on the second weekend of August. We've been doing this for 27 years. Well, I was assaulted, and I'll save you the story. Basically I was trying to tell a guy that he needed to back off my Uncle or he was going to get killed and he grabbed my wrist and was trying to kick me out of the place (he had no authority there in the first place- well besides the fact that he never should have done that)- well he's probably lucky that my other Uncle was a gimp (he is in a walking cast) - anyway- my Uncle Tim grabbed him and with the help of some other women got him to let go of me. It was ... well scary to say the least. Anyway, I had a cop (a guy that was camping also) tell me that if I wanted to press charges I could. I figured it
I must say.. this week has been a different one. First of all let me say thank you to all of you who have been keeping me in your prayers. I truly have felt a huge difference. God has given me a peace about what I need to do and that has been quite something (especially taking into account how I felt at the beginning of the week). I have realized that the more I think about it I haven't really been myself... and I thought about it, and its actually been for about two years. I've actually grown weary of looking at pictures of myself in college and trying to remember how I was so happy. Why and how to get there again. The Lord has really been speaking to me this week (saying pretty much the same things He always does, but we hear what we want to hear). Anyway, I have been feeling better. I'm just praying for the courage to do what I need to do and that He will give me the words to do it. I've had to make some apologies for my actions and words- a thing I'm
Thank you for your support for those of you who have left comments. Lately I have been needing all the encouragement I can get. We found out the problem with mom's blood. Its a blood disorder called myelodysplastic syndrome. Also known as preleukemia. Apparently there is treatment for it, its genetic (although I did also read some things saying it could be caused by environmental factors), and its good because its not leukemia. I'm just so irritated that's not one of the first things they checked. Anyone who's ever seen a lot of scrubs episodes knows what a lot of bleeding is a symptom of. Well today went... okay. I finally ate something today (hadn't eaten since Saturday). I talked with Laura and things were okay, and I cried a lot, and I still am not sure what I am going to do. I think I'm going to have to call it quits with this guy I've been "seeing." He's looking for me to be there when its convenient to him not all the time, a
Pray for me... especially tomorrow (Tuesday) at 10 am. I will attempting some serious askings of forgiveness and reconciliation. Or at least beginning to. I need your prayer in the deepest way. Keep praying for my mom. She's still in the hospital- No closer to any answers as of yet. I've really been struggling this last month or so with some depression, lonliness and just some deep hurts. Please continue to keep me in your thoughts. I haven't felt this alone in a very long time. Its difficult for me to even admit it, but there it is.
I talked to my Gramma today and she said the doctors think my mom's platlettes (not how its spelled, but oh well)- are not sticking to each other. That is why they think its not clotting. They are going to test her bone marrow tomorrow. I assumed they had already done this test, since that's the first thing I thought of when she couldn't stop bleeding. I am stressed about this. I think my sister and Gramma (and Isaak, my nephew) will be going to see mom tomorrow. Pray for me.. its always hard for me to see her in the hospital, and if its the thing I'm thinking of I don't know if I'll be able to handle all of this. If my mom gets sicker I might just die. Sometimes I feel like she's all I have. Thanks for reading and hopefully keeping me in your prayers.
Please keep my mom in your prayers. Since Sunday she has been at the U of M Cardio center. They're still trying to figure out what the problems are with her blood and stomach. This is very stressful for me. Also keep me in your prayers. Other personal issues are keeping me distracted also. Pray for Micah and Todd... Todd's dad Passed away. They know he's in heaven with his Father, but I can only imagine how difficult this time is for them. My place is getting better. Still not where I want it to be, slowly but surely it will be. I have two new kittens too. Someday I'll get pics. No cat lady comments please. I cried the other night at the prospect of being "the single cat lady."
So... I need serious prayer. I am angry, frustrated, embarrassed, heart-broken, and so many more things.... I don't really want to go into it, but just pray for me, because I need it, and I'm not sure I even know where to start.
Okay so I haven't posted in a while... I'm mostly moved. Things in my apartment are still basically a mess. I'm slowly getting things organized. My couch that I just bought doesn't fit. I'm trying to sell it now on Craigs list, and I've gotten one bite on someone who might want to buy it. My cat is lonely, so I'm gonna get another one so she can have a playmate now that she's the only cat around. She sits in the windows and looks out all the time and I get so worried she's going to break the screen and fall out (second floor apartment). That would NOT be cool. Where I sing karaoke took part in the annual Barry county fairgrounds karaoke contest, and we sent ten people. Five of them made the finals! They're actually getting ready to sing as I type this. I'm on my lunch break at work, so I'm obviously not able to go, but I'm telling them (especially Dar, Brandy, and Michael) to break a leg! Woo hoo! Okay. I have two min
The new place is... cluttered for now.. to answer Sara Jean's question. :) The couch I bought apparently isn't going to fit into my apartment, so now I have to get rid of it and get something else that will. I'm thinking of another trip to IKEA.... Congrats to Micah and Todd on the arrival of their little princess, Grace. She's adorable! And I'm so happy for them! Not much else. My legs hurt from going up and down stairs carrying crap.
Woo hoo! I'm moving! I got a cheap apartment in Lake Odessa, and I am so stoked to get out of my mom's house! No offense, but I really am wanting to be independent. Now that I have a great job with benefits (soon) I'm able to do so. Praise the Lord! So anyone who will be in the area next weekend... just kidding.
Keep my mom in your prayers... she is still having difficulties healing and the doctors seem clueless.
Okay.. first and most importantly, I wanted to mention that a family friend of mine went in for a double mastectomy yesterday. Readers Digest version of the story is: She had breast cancer about 7 years ago, found more lumps recently, and is going to do this so she never has to worry about it coming back. She will also be having reconstruction surgery, and the process is going to take six months. I'm mostly just asking for prayers for her and her family. Her name is Dar. Something else crazy about that whole thing that just amazes me is this: She was telling me all about what she has to do, and she has all sorts of choices to make. As if the decision to have both breasts removed wasn't enough of a huge choice. She gets to pick the shape of her new breast, whether she gets saline or silicone, and even the color of her areola. It just seems so crazy to me. Its like shopping for body parts. I guess I just don't get it. And for those of you who may be thinking the s
So this past weekend was a long one. I mean LONG! Anyway, Saturday I had to attend open houses (as well as help with) for both my brother and sister. It was wild. Mom got out of the hospital last Thursday, so she got to be there and everything. It was good, and everything ran smoothly for the most part, but it was a long day. Afterward, I went to a "Mardi Gras" party, and it was fun. My mask is awesome and I made it myself. I am very proud of it, but I'm not sure I got many pictures of it. Then Sunday, my Aunt Jo gave me two tickets for the AT & T VIP Section at Birthday Bash (for you out of staters, that's a free concert they give every year for the huge country station here). I got to see Whiskey Falls, Bombshel, Clint Black, and Josh Turner. There was another band and my mind totally blanked, but they were sooo good and I feel bad for forgetting the name. I'll remember it when it doesn't matter anymore. Anyway, it was soooo good. And it was
Just a quick update: My new job is going great. Kenny Rogers is back for the Tigers today! Welcome back, Kenny! We missed you! Mardi Gras weekend is this weekend. I made a mask and everything for our little shindig and it is PIMP. Pictures to be posted at a later date.... I might have to lay the smack down on someone this weekend. It is going to be AWESOME! My brother and sister's open houses are tomorrow. I am so ready for that to be over. Mom is out of the hospital and doing well. We're still not sure when she'll be able to go back to work. My sister and Nick are moving just around the corner from us now. I have been thinking of moving now that I have a new job. Its just up to debate whether I will wait to save money or just go for it. We had our company cookout today. It was good. They had Ice Cream and that made it even better! Nicole (formerly Bevins) had her baby on the 14th (which was her due date). Little Avery Noelle was born at 5lbs 14 oz..
I have to get this out there: If you ever have a chance to be contracted for a company by the name of K Force (They are a staffing agency that gets people temporary jobs) DON'T DO IT! They're trying to get a commission off of me because I got this job here, and they placed me in another job with the same company. This job isn't even in the same department, isn't even in the same building. I interviewed with them when I wasn't even contracted with K Force. I am irate right now. I may have delayed benefits, a temporary pay cut, or to have to work temp here for a while. I am pissed. This is so unethical to me that I can't even stand it. I applied online for this job! Not through them!
GOOD NEWS: I got a job! Its still at Foremost Insurance, but its in a different position! I'm so glad! I start Monday! Woo hoo! The only negative thing is that it is a second shift job. At this point, I don't care, because I will be making more than I've ever made before! (Thank you, applied music degree)
Why am I so stupid?! Okay, so for those of you who actually read this... You may remember the post from last week (I think) about the jerk who had the three girls to pick from and I might be one of them, and blah, blah, blah. Well, here's the latest update: He contacted me today (via Myspace) and told me that he had just called me at home, and was told that I was at work. He left me his cell phone to call when I got out of work. Well, despite my best judgement, I called him on my lunch. He acted weird, and said he was wondering if I wanted to hang out (but I was working). I know where this is going. He might as well have said "Hang out" (Quotes included) because anytime he has said that in the past it has translated to "make out." Perhaps I'm jumping to conclusions, but I don't really think that it is unfair for me to do that (based on the past). I'm not sure that he really wants to pursue me, I have a feeling like he just wants some affecti
I wanted to share this great song I found... somewhere. I keep a quote book and I read this, and thought "No wonder I wanted to remember that!" I just had to share it. Its an Apache song. Now you will feel no rain, for each of you will be a shelter to the other. Now you will feel no cold, for each of you will be warmth to the other. Go now to your dwelling place, to enter into your days together. And may your days be good and long on the earth.
Okay, I absolutely have to vent. So I apologize ahead of time. Let me know your thoughts about what I'm about to say (preferably AFTER you've read the post, a-thank you). Well, I have this friend... which I guess would be an accurate descriptor of him. He and I have... a history ... for lack of better words (yes- kissing in the walmart parking lot - Micah). Anyway- this history... is long (for our age). I've known him for... about 5 years, which seems crazy to me. Well, anyway, for one reason or another, things didn't ever really work out with us. And the last time I saw him was in November. Well, last week, out of the blue, he sent me a message (via myspace). His message basically said that he realized we hadn't talked in a while, and I should call him. Despite my better judgement I did, but it didn't matter, because no one answered. I proceeded to leave him a message on myspace jokingly saying he must have been in the bathroom (my precise words we
This is pretty much how I felt after Game Four also: However, it was almost worth seeing Sheed all pissed off and without a blouse on! SOOO HOT!!!!!
I absolutely had to share this poem because I read it in a book and I just thought it was very inspiring. It is long, but very, very worth the few minutes it takes to read. I hope you enjoy it. The Race by D.H. Grobert "Quit!" Give up!" You're beaten!" They shout at me and plead. "There's just too much against you now. This time you can't succeed!" And as I start to hang my head In front of failure's face, My downward fall is broken by The memory of a race. And hope refills my weakened will As I recall that scene; For just the thought of that short race Rejuvenates my being. II. A children's race- young boys, young menH ow I remember well Excitement, sure! But also fear; It wasn't hard to tell. They all lined up so full of hope; Each thought to win that race. Or tie for first, or if not that, At least take second place. And fathers watched from off the side Each cheering for his son. And each boy hoped to show his dad That he
Okay- I'm going to take a risk in what I am about to say. I actually kinda hate when people tell me things like "God has a purpose for your life," or "you'll get through this." I know they are just trying to be helpful- but most of the time... the people that are saying these things to me have NO IDEA what I am going through or have gone through in this past year let alone the rest of my life. I must say that I have been trying not to focus on the bad in general- somedays are just worse than others. When I have no job, no money, no real friends around here, and I have no hope to accomplish any of my goals and dreams in the near future, let alone take a step in that direction, I get very discouraged. And I know my friends are trying to be helpful and encourage me. When I post those things, i'm usually just having a bad day, and I do appreciate those encouraging words. Especially when sometimes I do feel very hopeless. And sometimes I hate that
So I got a call from KForce today (a staffing agency)... and Foremost wants me back for another two to four weeks. I'll be working in the same area as I was before. I'm hoping I get in there permanently after this. It will be something I can look foward to!I Oh, and GO PISTONS!
WHen one looks at friend's blogs... how depressing should it be that hers is the only link without an "and" in the title? Just me. That's all there is. And lately... it really feels that way. Most of my friends are married and having babies... and I'm here... jobless, single, sad and pathetic. I'm not trying to sound depressed, but maybe I just am. I have had a string of events lately that have just seemed to go from bad to worse. Financially things are horrible- because I have no job. Romantically, things are tragic- for lack of a less dramatic word. And I don't know that I have ever felt so alone in my entire life. Most of my friends can't understand the way I am feeling right now and what I am going through. I have been waiting for just one thing to go right lately... just ONE. Something for me to hold on to and say "yes- this is where the good starts," but I am not sure when or if that will happen. However, last night I fe
Complete domination by the Detroit Pistons: Highlights from Games 1 and 2:
Okay... I'm not sure how to start this... this might be very random.. it might make sense, because I'm not sure where this is going right now. I am completely broken-hearted. I won't go into much detail, but I am. I have spent most of my life alone and quite honestly lonely. But this does not make this existence of mine any less painful. I often wonder if I will ever find someone who will be able to love me, flaws and all. I often think that this is impossible (although I know nothing is impossible with God). I sometimes wonder why its me that is the single one. About 90 percent of my friends are already married, most of them having babies by now. I always thought I'd be married by now- and maybe its a good thing that I'm not because if I were, maybe I would be unhappy. I often feel like I am destined to wander this world alone for my entire life. And I came to a crippling conclusion today. I was going through my old choir tour books (the ones we woul
Since people have been actually asking me what has been going on in my life (besides basketball and the Pistons SWEEPING the Magic in Round 1 of the playoffs), here it goes. Well, as you know, I have been looking for a job. I have been working as a temp at an insurance company called Foremost Insurance. I am really, really hoping I get in there, because it is pretty easy work, and I have insurance background... oh plus it pays pretty well and I hear the benefits rock. Oh, and there are a lot of chances for advancement. I don't know how long my temporary status will last... but I have been told by the guy who has evaluated me twice that I need to apply. Anyhoo- Besides that other things are going well. There is not too much that I can really talk about on here. I try not to go into too much detail... but things on the relationship front are the same as they have been. Um our cat got hit by a car. Well, one of them (we've seemed to collect a few). Weasel.. the best o
HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE FIRST TWO GAMES OF THE PLAYOFFS! Game One Game Two If you missed that Sheed Buzzer beater, here is a closer look: DEE- TROIT BASKETBALL!!!!!! Here's a top ten of highlights from the first round. Notice NUMBER ONE!
PISTONS GO UP 2-O OVER THE MAGIC! My boys have been rocking out, beating the Orlando Magic by 8 in the first two games. Some highlights: -Orlando has no solution for the Pistons backcourt. -Tayshaun Prince rocks. -The Pistons had 25 assists halfway through game one. -They had three buzzer beaters in game 2. The last one breaking the heart of a lot of the Magic (and made by my man Rasheed... video to come soon). Some other highlights of the playoffs: Golden State best Dallas by 12! Denver wins their first game of their series OVER THE SPURS! Chicago beat the HEAT! FYI- Golden State I think is one team in the west that DEFINITELY has a chance to beat the Mavs in a series. They are the dark horse of the east.
Here is a good reason to HATE some of the NBA officials. I always complain about the shoddiness of certain NBA refs, and you will now get a dose of why I am so outraged. It is high time that many of these officials realize that this game is not about them, its not about their egos, and that people do not watch games to see their ugly faces. By the way, I do agree with the commentator. Tim Duncan is by far not my favorite player in the league, although he is a great player. Is pretty mild mannered in general. Now the rules state that an official can call a technical pretty much at any time during the game, and that any behavior detrimental to the game or any OVERT actions indicating resentment to a call. However, in the video I saw above, it really was very difficult to tell what Tim Duncan was truly laughing at. Maybe he was laughing because his teammate got called for a foul and that teammate knows better than that or something. However the official NBA Rules do say "
I took this quiz.. I don't know how many of you ladies are fans out there, but you should take this quiz. It is "Which Character of Sex and the City are you?" and there are only a handful of questions. Sorry.. I just get bored sometimes... The Real Sex and The City Character Quiz Carrie You are the narrator of your clique. You seem to make sense of what you and your friends experience together and apply it to the larger world. You love people more than anything, well maybe not more than shoes, and although you admit to being very neurotic and a bit too spontaneous at times, you are grounded and have a very good heart. You are generous with your time and money, and maintain your youthful dream for prince charming. Take The Quiz Now! Quizzes by
I am beside myself. I am overwhelmed. I am blessed. Tonight I went to my community choir practice. The woman whom I spoke of previously is in choir with me (I thinkI said that before). Well, I didn't talk to her prior to practice because I was rehearsing with this guy I am auditioning a duet with for our concert in May. Anyway, halfway through practice I was handed an envelope with my name on it. I looked at what was in it and I could tell it was a check. I looked and it was a check for $500. I was so overwhelmed that I teared up in the middle of rehearsal. No one noticed thank goodness. She said something to me after practice about checking into getting my masters and stuff. I am just so overwhelmed because I didn't expect it. I am so grateful that God has provided for me. He is doing something wonderful in my life and I am just... ovewhelmed.
Ok.. so I needed to share a few things (and I don't even know who reads this, but I'm going to venture anyway). So... I started reading this book by Joyce Meyer called "The Confident Woman." I got it for free from my former band director because it was an advanced reading copy he got for promotional purposes for his bookstore. Well, since I've been giving plasma, I found that the time goes by much faster and easier if I read a book. Well, this book talks about living boldly and without fear. God said in His Word 365 times "Do not fear." I think he really meant it. Anyway... this book is making me realize how much fear can run ones life. To be very honest, I'm starting to believe that fear is the reason that I haven't attempted to start my Master's yet. I really, really, want to... but financially it is a problem. Well, God has been putting this on my heart lately. I feel like the reason I'm not finding a job is that he wants me
So, I need some input... and I know at least Megan will let me know what she thinks (and if she doesn't I will look like a complete moron for saying that). However, I know I can count on her. Today I was checking my myspace ( I am addicted, but admitting it is the first step to recovery. One of my male friends had posted a blog about style. He had recently been venting about the way women dress. How clothes are for covering the body, not flaunting it, and etc. A very IWU friendly post, right? Haha. Anyway, today he admitted he was wrong and said the real problem is that people have no style. He made a point to make sure that we are not confusing "style" and "fashion." Anyway the whole point he made was that style comes down to three things: Class, character, and attitude. Here is what he says about attitude: "This has been the most corrupted. The whiny, selfish, well, I'll just say it, bitchy schtick is in vogue right now, and has been since
I am grateful for the comment that Megan left me after my rant about guys assuming that I don't know what the heck I'm talking about when I talk about basketball. Well, I guess I'm just gonna have to let guys feel smart about other stuff, like cars and outdoor stuff. I love basketball and I love watching it. That's one thing I won't pretend about. I'll pretend for football and soccer and lotsa other stuff, but I know basketball. I love it. Anyway... I can't get enough of this... I told you Sheed practiced those shots... here is him before the game practicing those shots from half court.. oh.. with each hand. The shot seen around the world: I also have some pics from Van Andel of him practicing those shots I'll have to post.
Okay so you're probably sick of hearing about the Pistons and Rasheed... but this video is why I love Rasheed. This was one of the best Pistons moments (and sports moments) of the year. Down by three... the ball is in the hands of the other team. Rasheed gets the steal, and shoots it from 3/4 court, and makes it off the glass to send the game into overtime. Then the Pistons rallied and won in OT. And anyone that says this was a lucky shot... he practices these shots from half court every practice.
I had a very good time this weekend. Our choir sang at a nursing home and it was just so precious. Then afterwards, we went to Sam's Joint in Alaska to eat. Man, that was fun. Sometimes I feel like a kid being allowed to sit at the grown-up table when I am with the members of my choir. My director is my old high school choir director, and that's the main reason I am participating in the choir ( besides my absolute love of music). Anyway, I am one of the youngest people in the choir. I am actually the second youngest... we got a new girl last year who officially makes me not the baby of the choir. Anyway, I had so much fun, but there was a guy sitting next to me and Quig (another old High school teacher of mine) said something to him about the Pistons. Well, of course, if you've taken ONE look at my myspace page, you know that I am a bit of a fan, and that the last statement was the understatement of the century. Anyway, I had to put my two cents in. And I was sit
I am watching the Pistons game right now and I am sooooo irritated. There are certain games, whether or not my team is winning that I get so upset. Games when it is BLATANTLY obvious that the officials are not calling the game fairly. When one team has shot a dozen free throws and the other has shot TWO- that is not fair. There is hardly ever a time when one team is fouling another that much more than the other. Usually if officials are calling a lot of fouls they call it both ways, because if they're calling a tight game and they are good officials, they call it both ways. However, this is not the case tonight. I get so irritated when I watch any game and I see that. What is the point of even playing the game? Why don't the officials just declare the team they want to be the winner if they have that much power? That is how much power David Stern (or as Rasheed has referred to him- Napoleon) has given the officials and it is not right. Any official who makes it person
I am currently on hold with AOL, and I have spoken so far to four people. One of which would not listen to me, so I hung up on her. I cancelled my AOL account in NOVEMBER, and I got s notice from my credit union today saying that AOL tried to charge my bank account sixty dollars yesterday. Well, this does not make me happy. I was sitting in this very place when I called the customer service line to cancel my account, and my mom was sitting righ here when I told the guy why I wanted to cancel my account. I also told him to cancel it effective immediately so I didn't have to pay any extra charges. He assured me that it was all taken care of. Well, its currently four months later and I am getting charged for it still, and its causing other checks to bounce too... and each time that happens the bank charges me an additional twenty dollars. So now I guess I know why my bank account has been so screwed up lately. AOL keeps taking this money out of my account and it is costing m
I need a job. Please pray for me to find one. I'm not being too picky in what I apply for anymore.
So, mom is home. That's the good news. Now the long recovery is starting. She will be off work probably for about six weeks. This is going to be the real test. We will drive each other nuts. There was something I wanted to rant about but I don't remember what anymore. I did want to say Congrats to my friend Heather Lang. She is engaged. This is depressing for me only because its yet another person getting married or having a baby (since I know about 23 people who are having babies right now). I know I'm going to be the last person I know to get married... I'm on track fot that at least. I do know about... well its less than 10 of my friends who aren't yet married, and its only a matter of time until I am the last one. Speaking of unmarried friends, I saw someone I hadn't seen in a long time this weekend. Rob Lawrence formerly from the Youth Center. He is back in town working at a church after about oh.. a year and a half in Missouri. We were chat
I need all the help I can get, even if it is only in prayer. Wow... that was an understatement if I ever wrote one. My mom is in ICU right now. They said its so they can keep a closer eye on her and pay her more attention and to give her a more comfortable bed, but I know what ICU is. For those of you who don't know, she went in to have a routine surgery ( an ovary removal because of a cyst) and now has been in there for nearly three weeks. They can't seem to get her incision to stop bleeding. Now, my mom has had three C-Sections, and has never had a problem with her blood not clotting. It makes me wonder what the heck they have possibly done wrong, either in surgery or the blood products they gave her. To say the least, I am scared and freaked out, overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted. I can't even consider how I would feel if something would happen to my mom because just the thought of it makes me want to die. Please just pray that they figure out whats going
So, not only is my mom in the hospital still.. but there's more. My sister's boyfriend broke up with her today. Two months after their son was born, he broke up with her. I saw this coming. He is an irresponsible alcoholic jerk, who tried to cheat on her with her friend, and it did not work. Ugh. Men, sometimes. I mean, I guess I should not lump him in with all of you, because not all of you are completely bad. I mean, I must say that about 90 percent of you are completely confusing (the other 10 percent are probably gay- and we understand those guys... a fat lotta good it does us). I guess I am able to relate to her... because I know what its like to be completely devastated by a guy. I mean the past few months have been completely miserable for me. I went from so amazed and surprised by a relationship that had formed to.. completely confused and devastated.. and in the dark. That last part is the worst. The in the dark part. You see, I can deal with things if
I recently logged in to my myspace account to see an advertisement for the new "Dwayne Wade Limited Edition T-Mobile Sidekick." How much is T-mobile kicking themself for that choice now that D Wade is most likely out for the season, with a possibility of having surgery on his shoulder. The first things that came to mind for this sidekick are: Does it constantly fall down and get hurt? For a "Star Player," he gets hurt more than I believe most young guys should. Maybe that says a lot about his game, but then again, maybe it says something about his conditioning. I want to know if this sidekick needs to constantly hurt itself and fall down and pretend people hit it to draw a foul. I want to know if this sidekick will allow me to recieve favoritism because of the name. I say this all in good fun, because lets face it, DWAYNE WADE IS HOT! And, he's just a great player. However, you should probalby stop hurting yourself so much. Shaq can't carry
So I recently got to thinking about all the people I know who have just recently had babies or are pregnant. Can anyone even come close to wondering what the number is? Its 20. Twenty people who are procreating their brains out. Twenty people ... most of them haven't given birth yet. Only a few of them have already birthed their children.. and in one case she's both- she's given birth and is pregnant AGAIN. This is out of control. You people need to get a new hobby. Just kidding. I love you all. I'm just jealous. Other note: My mom (a.k.a. Freckle) is having surgery tomorrow. In the past week, they found a growth on her ovary and are taking the whole thing out. She had a partial hysterectomy a few years back but they left the one ovary.. now they're taking whatever is left in there. There's a history of these kind of problems in my family. Concerns me a little... but hopefully I have time to worry about that later. I've been pretty much freaki
Despite the random picture of Rasheed, Yes the Pistons won tonight. They beat the Clippers and that makes seven wins in a row! They are now 11-2 since Chris Webber has come to 'The D' and heading into the All-Star break on a great run. I'm soooo stoked for the All-Star Game on Sunday... since Chauncey and Rip will both be playing in that game. I think that if my team keeps playing the way they have been they will be unstoppable for the rest of the season (Oh- the win tonight was by 18 POINTS). What else happened today? I got a random call from my friend Kip saying that he was at our friend's home (Dale and Sarah) and I should come over and hang out, because he has currently come upon some work and probably won't be able to hang tomorrow (our regular night to hang out). So I went over there, and he had this screech owl that he had found. Since he will be working over by Gun Lake, I guess he will be staying out there while he does the work. I'm assuming t
Here are some pics from the last three games (and the last three wins) of the Pistons. I would love to be in the middle of that Pistons sandwich! > That picture of Rasheed is HOT! Even with no headband! \/