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So today was the day of truth. My sister actually left for Florida with her boyfriend. My 17 year-old sister left to move to Florida with her 21 year-old loser boyfriend. I never really thought it would be as upsetting as it was to our family, but even my brother Terry was pretty upset, and he doesn't get rattled easily. It broke my heart to say goodbye to my sister. I can't even really write or talk about it yet without getting teary-eyed (I'm not even sure that's how you spell that). Well on a completely different note, I had a fantastic weekend. I spent most of Saturday with Caramel and then Saturday night ended up hanging out with the girls and singing karaoke. We have so much fun when we go there. I actually finally have a friend who is willing to go out with Zack (Caramel's cousin and roommate) which I'm really excited about. Stacey's really cool and wants to go to the club with us... and is even taking the time to request the day off ahead
Well this weekend has been nice, and fairly unevenful compared to last weekend! Which may be kind of nice. I got to hang with Caramel Friday night and practically all day Saturday, which was nice. His cousin and friend both want me to hook them up with friends of mine, but its too bad that I don't really have all that many friends to hook them up with. I'm trying though... between Charity and Stacey, I know I can make it happen! So Caramel is now on third shift this week, which should prove to be interesting. I'll literally never be able to talk to him. Working 9pm to 9am... we'll see how much he likes this. I'm skeptical, but optimistic, hoping that he'll like it better than first shift. Now I realize even more why he doesn't like mornings. He stays up until like 5:30 in the morning! And eats dinner at 3 am?! Maybe he's still on Africa time or something. I don't know. Anyway, I went to karaoke last night.... and some drunk guy couldn&#
So the weekend is finally here! I am so beyond ready for the weekend! My cousins want me to come hang out with them tonight, but I have to sing with LACS for the LHS basketball game. I'm hoping Caramel will want to come, but I'm really not quite sure. I text messaged him today, but he's been working so I don't know if he will want to come to hear some old person choir sing that just happens to have me in it. I kinda wanna go sing karaoke too, but I'm really hoping Aiden won't be there... I really don't need any more complications in my life at this point. Anyway Monica- your hair looks good. Its not that drastically different... it kinda makes you look older (not in a bad way).
Have I ever written how much I absolutely loathe Valentine's day? Not only because half of the world does not know how to pronounce the word- some say valentimes and some say balentimes, or some other variation of the word that is incorrect- but because I have never had a positive experience on or around Valentine's day. I think it must be a curse. I am seriously pissed off because Caramel has not called me since Saturday when we spent time together. It really pisses me off because he went out of his way to tell me to call him if I wanted to hang out on Saturday night. Well, maybe it was better for me that I went out with my friends... but then I called him yesterday; having not heard from him- and he told me to call back after 9pm. Well, then he didn't answer and never returned my call. That just really irks me. Anyway, lets talk a little about something that happened Friday . Gosh, have I had an eventful weekend. Friday I went to sing karaoke at the normal place, and m
Well I have a few favorites... the top favorite for the Pistons is probably Rasheed Wallace. I love the way he talks trash ("That ball don't lie") and the way he gets so fired up sometimes. He has a real personality and isn't afraid to show it on the court. My other favorite is Chauncey Billups. he is just awesome. He is one of the greatest (and most underrated) players in the NBA. Plus he's hot and he took his blouse off at the game once before. Anyway- I'M SO GLAD THE WEEKEND IS HERE! I will finally be able to hang out with Caramel. This weekend is going to rock. I can't wait. Ok, I'd better get back to work now.
Monica, thanks so much for the comment! That's so cool! You'll have to e-mail me sometime and explain exactly what you were doing there in the first place (at all those parties). I AM SO JEALOUS that you get to go to the Pistons game. If you get a chance to hug any of the players, make sure you mention my name! Which reminds me, I need to hurry and get his done so I can go watch that action! Anyway, nothing really new to report. Got some stuff going on.... its the week, so it sucks that I have to work and can't hang out with Caramel. I'll probably get over it... someday. Anyway, i'm out... gotta go watch the game!
So I'm going to cut right to the chase. The guy from the club called me last week... for simplicity purposes we're calling him Caramel (that's because Andrea misunderstood me when I told her his name and that's what she calls him now). We talked on the phone and then Friday we hung out at his place and watched the Pistons game. He is very sweet. He kept saying how beautiful my hair was, he liked my eyes, the way I dress, and how sweet I was. He was telling me that I'm going to fall in love with him. That's so adorable. I've never had any guy say that to me before. He is originally from Africa, and he's only been here for almost 10 years. So then he also kept saying that he is going to take me to Africa one day to meet his family. Anyway, then I went over there again Saturday night and we hung out again... we didn't go out and do anything, just stayed in and enjoyed each other's company. It was a good time to be had by all. He called