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This is pretty much how I felt after Game Four also: However, it was almost worth seeing Sheed all pissed off and without a blouse on! SOOO HOT!!!!!
I absolutely had to share this poem because I read it in a book and I just thought it was very inspiring. It is long, but very, very worth the few minutes it takes to read. I hope you enjoy it. The Race by D.H. Grobert "Quit!" Give up!" You're beaten!" They shout at me and plead. "There's just too much against you now. This time you can't succeed!" And as I start to hang my head In front of failure's face, My downward fall is broken by The memory of a race. And hope refills my weakened will As I recall that scene; For just the thought of that short race Rejuvenates my being. II. A children's race- young boys, young menH ow I remember well Excitement, sure! But also fear; It wasn't hard to tell. They all lined up so full of hope; Each thought to win that race. Or tie for first, or if not that, At least take second place. And fathers watched from off the side Each cheering for his son. And each boy hoped to show his dad That he
Okay- I'm going to take a risk in what I am about to say. I actually kinda hate when people tell me things like "God has a purpose for your life," or "you'll get through this." I know they are just trying to be helpful- but most of the time... the people that are saying these things to me have NO IDEA what I am going through or have gone through in this past year let alone the rest of my life. I must say that I have been trying not to focus on the bad in general- somedays are just worse than others. When I have no job, no money, no real friends around here, and I have no hope to accomplish any of my goals and dreams in the near future, let alone take a step in that direction, I get very discouraged. And I know my friends are trying to be helpful and encourage me. When I post those things, i'm usually just having a bad day, and I do appreciate those encouraging words. Especially when sometimes I do feel very hopeless. And sometimes I hate that
So I got a call from KForce today (a staffing agency)... and Foremost wants me back for another two to four weeks. I'll be working in the same area as I was before. I'm hoping I get in there permanently after this. It will be something I can look foward to!I Oh, and GO PISTONS!
WHen one looks at friend's blogs... how depressing should it be that hers is the only link without an "and" in the title? Just me. That's all there is. And lately... it really feels that way. Most of my friends are married and having babies... and I'm here... jobless, single, sad and pathetic. I'm not trying to sound depressed, but maybe I just am. I have had a string of events lately that have just seemed to go from bad to worse. Financially things are horrible- because I have no job. Romantically, things are tragic- for lack of a less dramatic word. And I don't know that I have ever felt so alone in my entire life. Most of my friends can't understand the way I am feeling right now and what I am going through. I have been waiting for just one thing to go right lately... just ONE. Something for me to hold on to and say "yes- this is where the good starts," but I am not sure when or if that will happen. However, last night I fe
Complete domination by the Detroit Pistons: Highlights from Games 1 and 2:
Okay... I'm not sure how to start this... this might be very random.. it might make sense, because I'm not sure where this is going right now. I am completely broken-hearted. I won't go into much detail, but I am. I have spent most of my life alone and quite honestly lonely. But this does not make this existence of mine any less painful. I often wonder if I will ever find someone who will be able to love me, flaws and all. I often think that this is impossible (although I know nothing is impossible with God). I sometimes wonder why its me that is the single one. About 90 percent of my friends are already married, most of them having babies by now. I always thought I'd be married by now- and maybe its a good thing that I'm not because if I were, maybe I would be unhappy. I often feel like I am destined to wander this world alone for my entire life. And I came to a crippling conclusion today. I was going through my old choir tour books (the ones we woul