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Well, I recently started my new position at walmart... now don't get too excited folks... no pay increase ... and i'm not doing anything important... I now work in Electronics... the department that i began in... lets do it all together now... awwwwww. Well, my friend Mike also works back there now and we're having a good time so far... he told me sarcastically tonight that he hated working with me because it was such a pain in the butt... then laughed. I don't know what that's supposed to mean... I guess it means that he's a punkster. I'm glad we work together though... it makes work worth going to... cuz we have some laughs. He was in rare form tonight, i must say... he was just full of it. Now I have tomorrow off and i'm not exactly sure what i'm going to do with myself besides SLEEP. I love to sleep... its so fun. Dreaming is fun too... cuz if you think about it.... anything is possible when you're dreaming.... ahhh.. dreams. Anyh
Wow! I haven't written in a while! Micah, if you're reading this, just wanted to tell you again, that your recital was spectacular! I bet you're so happy that you don't have to deal with Galer anymore... although she's often the friend you love to hate. Anyhoooooo... Last night I went bowling, which has become more of a regular occurrance in my life in the past month or so... I think I've gone once a week for at least the past month. WE finally got Mike to go bowling, and it was so much fun! I don't know how much fun he thought it was, but I had tons of fun. Kimmie might have to get her butt kicked for coming and sitting in between us toward the end of the night... maybe she needed some attention. I don't know... Well, i just got invited to go bowling again.... I feel so popular! Guess I'll go for now.....