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So, I need some input... and I know at least Megan will let me know what she thinks (and if she doesn't I will look like a complete moron for saying that). However, I know I can count on her. Today I was checking my myspace ( I am addicted, but admitting it is the first step to recovery. One of my male friends had posted a blog about style. He had recently been venting about the way women dress. How clothes are for covering the body, not flaunting it, and etc. A very IWU friendly post, right? Haha. Anyway, today he admitted he was wrong and said the real problem is that people have no style. He made a point to make sure that we are not confusing "style" and "fashion." Anyway the whole point he made was that style comes down to three things: Class, character, and attitude. Here is what he says about attitude: "This has been the most corrupted. The whiny, selfish, well, I'll just say it, bitchy schtick is in vogue right now, and has been since
I am grateful for the comment that Megan left me after my rant about guys assuming that I don't know what the heck I'm talking about when I talk about basketball. Well, I guess I'm just gonna have to let guys feel smart about other stuff, like cars and outdoor stuff. I love basketball and I love watching it. That's one thing I won't pretend about. I'll pretend for football and soccer and lotsa other stuff, but I know basketball. I love it. Anyway... I can't get enough of this... I told you Sheed practiced those shots... here is him before the game practicing those shots from half court.. oh.. with each hand. The shot seen around the world: I also have some pics from Van Andel of him practicing those shots I'll have to post.
Okay so you're probably sick of hearing about the Pistons and Rasheed... but this video is why I love Rasheed. This was one of the best Pistons moments (and sports moments) of the year. Down by three... the ball is in the hands of the other team. Rasheed gets the steal, and shoots it from 3/4 court, and makes it off the glass to send the game into overtime. Then the Pistons rallied and won in OT. And anyone that says this was a lucky shot... he practices these shots from half court every practice.
I had a very good time this weekend. Our choir sang at a nursing home and it was just so precious. Then afterwards, we went to Sam's Joint in Alaska to eat. Man, that was fun. Sometimes I feel like a kid being allowed to sit at the grown-up table when I am with the members of my choir. My director is my old high school choir director, and that's the main reason I am participating in the choir ( besides my absolute love of music). Anyway, I am one of the youngest people in the choir. I am actually the second youngest... we got a new girl last year who officially makes me not the baby of the choir. Anyway, I had so much fun, but there was a guy sitting next to me and Quig (another old High school teacher of mine) said something to him about the Pistons. Well, of course, if you've taken ONE look at my myspace page, you know that I am a bit of a fan, and that the last statement was the understatement of the century. Anyway, I had to put my two cents in. And I was sit
I am watching the Pistons game right now and I am sooooo irritated. There are certain games, whether or not my team is winning that I get so upset. Games when it is BLATANTLY obvious that the officials are not calling the game fairly. When one team has shot a dozen free throws and the other has shot TWO- that is not fair. There is hardly ever a time when one team is fouling another that much more than the other. Usually if officials are calling a lot of fouls they call it both ways, because if they're calling a tight game and they are good officials, they call it both ways. However, this is not the case tonight. I get so irritated when I watch any game and I see that. What is the point of even playing the game? Why don't the officials just declare the team they want to be the winner if they have that much power? That is how much power David Stern (or as Rasheed has referred to him- Napoleon) has given the officials and it is not right. Any official who makes it person
I am currently on hold with AOL, and I have spoken so far to four people. One of which would not listen to me, so I hung up on her. I cancelled my AOL account in NOVEMBER, and I got s notice from my credit union today saying that AOL tried to charge my bank account sixty dollars yesterday. Well, this does not make me happy. I was sitting in this very place when I called the customer service line to cancel my account, and my mom was sitting righ here when I told the guy why I wanted to cancel my account. I also told him to cancel it effective immediately so I didn't have to pay any extra charges. He assured me that it was all taken care of. Well, its currently four months later and I am getting charged for it still, and its causing other checks to bounce too... and each time that happens the bank charges me an additional twenty dollars. So now I guess I know why my bank account has been so screwed up lately. AOL keeps taking this money out of my account and it is costing m
I need a job. Please pray for me to find one. I'm not being too picky in what I apply for anymore.
So, mom is home. That's the good news. Now the long recovery is starting. She will be off work probably for about six weeks. This is going to be the real test. We will drive each other nuts. There was something I wanted to rant about but I don't remember what anymore. I did want to say Congrats to my friend Heather Lang. She is engaged. This is depressing for me only because its yet another person getting married or having a baby (since I know about 23 people who are having babies right now). I know I'm going to be the last person I know to get married... I'm on track fot that at least. I do know about... well its less than 10 of my friends who aren't yet married, and its only a matter of time until I am the last one. Speaking of unmarried friends, I saw someone I hadn't seen in a long time this weekend. Rob Lawrence formerly from the Youth Center. He is back in town working at a church after about oh.. a year and a half in Missouri. We were chat
I need all the help I can get, even if it is only in prayer. Wow... that was an understatement if I ever wrote one. My mom is in ICU right now. They said its so they can keep a closer eye on her and pay her more attention and to give her a more comfortable bed, but I know what ICU is. For those of you who don't know, she went in to have a routine surgery ( an ovary removal because of a cyst) and now has been in there for nearly three weeks. They can't seem to get her incision to stop bleeding. Now, my mom has had three C-Sections, and has never had a problem with her blood not clotting. It makes me wonder what the heck they have possibly done wrong, either in surgery or the blood products they gave her. To say the least, I am scared and freaked out, overwhelmed, stressed and exhausted. I can't even consider how I would feel if something would happen to my mom because just the thought of it makes me want to die. Please just pray that they figure out whats going