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Do you ever think that some people just always have to have a boyfriend or girlfriend? I think that some people are like that. To me, its sorta pathetic. If you're defined by whether or not you have a boyfriend, or you think that is how your identity is defined... how sad is that? I mean, I wish that I had a boyfriend- but I don't think that me not having one defines who I am... Oh well... too bad for those people. Why are men so infuriating?! Just curious. I have a friend... any "smelly" things... like Lotion, body splash, or perfume...smell bad to him. Well, today he said to me "You smell today... not smell, but... new hairspray?" I thought, "shut it" and chose not to answer. He can kiss my butt. I am watching (for the first time ever) Bridget Jones' Diary, and I am liking it. It is easy to relate to... at least for me at this moment in my life. I'm done now.
Yeah one more thing that I forgot to say..... I am soooo sick of people who complain about being single. FOR THE LOVE- do something about it if you're so dang miserable! I have been single almost forever... and I don't complain non-stop about it... I comment about how lonely I am once in a great while... however... I don't complain about it constantly like some people. Quite frankly... its infuriating and pathetic. I am disgusted.
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh I cannot wait to get out of this bloody house. I'm pretty sure I hate everything about having to live here. My family... my family... yeah... so I have that "going for me." I am not having a good time with this at all... I NEED OUT... This gives me sooo much incentive to save my money. I am going nuts here! Yeah... that's about all I have for now... the best thing going on right now is that payday is tomorrow. WAHOOOOOOOO! I have bills to pay (unfortunately). I'm out.
Yo peeeeeeeps! All one of you reading this! Well... this weekend was pretty good weekend. I went and saw Shrek 2, and it was frickin' HILARIOUS! Anyhoo... yeah. Today at work was a decent day.... I mean nothing bad happened..... so that was good. Um I don't really have all that much more to say except we SHRINK WRAPPED our assistant manager's car for his 21st birthday... it was frickin' awesome!!!!!!! That is all for now I guess.
Life stinks. The only funny thing I have to say is about the butter story... some lady gave my friend butter covered money at walmart.. and said, "sorry, its covered in butter." And I said, "was she amish? Did she just get done churning butter?"