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So I'm going to say something here: I am fed up with anonymous comments on this website having to do with Iraq and the attacks on my country. I recently noticed a comment on my blog about whether or not "we" are going to be more free here after our troops leave Iraq. What moron actually thinks that is what the conflict over there is about? I understand wanting this war to be over. I have a friend that I used to work with who is over there with the Marines. He is a machine gun specialist. He is on the front lines. Do you think that I really want him to be over there risking his life? No, I do not. However, that is not my choice. That is his choice. And another thing- I am so fed up with the Media spin on this whole thing. I have seen numerous videos and pictures of people thanking our country for what it has done over there. I truly believe that the work over there is going to be difficult and is far from over. Anytime there is a revolution or change in a c
My Detroit boys did it again. Here are some pictures from last night's victory against the Toronto Blue Jays. Above: Carlos Guillen looking hot and getting a ball because of his cat-like speed and reflexes. Also, Todd Jones closing out the game. His mustache is out of control. Below: Brandon Inge and his soul patch: rocking out. Above: Placido Polanco's Sac (squeeze) bunt that brought in C-Mo (Craig Monroe) from third base. Below: Pudge (Rodriguez) high-fiving Polanco for being awesome. By the way: Three of the runs were RBIs attributed to Polanco. Below: Joel "Zoom Zoom" Zumaya throwing a ball so hard that the opposition can't even hit it. FYI: His fastest pitch is 102 mph. The Tigers are back folks. Watch out: they bite!
Good news to report: My sister is naming her baby Isaac, not Kayden. Yay!!! More good news: The Tigers are officially in the playoffs for the first time since 1987! Yay! Now we need our boys to focus on clinching the division! I am so happy for all Michiganders! Pistons start soon. I'm so stoked. I can't wait to go see them up close and personal next month! I'm putting the final touches on my Halloween costume. I can't wait to be a Devil in Disguise. It will be so fun! All I need now is my halo and my horns! I went to go get some pictures that I don't have on digital media put on a CD at Wally World today. Guess what?! They have NO CDs. That sucks. And you know, they can't just open up a package from the store and use them. Do you know how I know this? I used to work there. People asked this annoying question all the time. The Kodak machines will only accept the actual Kodak CDs from the company. By the way, CDs does not have an apostrop
So why is it that what can happen always does? Does that even make sense? This is what I mean: Murphy's Law. What can happen always will. I went to breakfast with someone, not thinking anyone would ever see us. Of course, someone that not only I know, but that we both know saw us. It was just one of those things that maybe I didn't want to broadcast to the whole world, and now it probably will be talked about. Oh well. I don't care that much, but it was just one of those things where I thought "That would happen." Anyway, I went to a funeral visitation yesterday for my brother's girlfriend's grandfather. This was at least the 2nd time that I've had the chance to be introduced to Rachel's (My brother's girlfriend) mom. Did my brother or my mom speak up and say "oh, you've never been introduced to Terry's sister"? No. They did not. I stood there awkwardly, without getting introduced, and I was irritated. So, aft
So, for those of you who didn't know, Eric Jones had a birthday yesterday. Although I haven't been very successful at keeping up with Eric these days, I still had time to leave him a birthday message on his voicemail. I am also happy to say that he has a mildly amusing greeting on his voicemail. He is just another one of my many IWU friends that I miss dearly. Here are some of the reasons I miss my IWU friends: -Playing beach volleyball all day (even if it is 40 degrees and we were all barefoot) -Chorale and chorale friends -Squelching the Welch -Our Happy Little Elf (Josh Yankey) -Spongebob with Micah (and Todd) -Throwing Little Debbies across the room (at Nicole) -Spring Tour (a free trip to far away would be nice about now) -Josh Morton's quiet humor -Mennonites/Moabites -Taking "group naps" on the couch -Coming home to find someone who doesn't live in my house napping on my couch (Eric) -Having fun nicknames for everyone -The humor of the Cash Brother
If you are 90% of my friends, you are either thinking "who the heck is this picture of," or "why in the world would Kristen be posting a picture of Clark Vandeventer?" Well, this is an odd story (at least I think so). Well, I was checking my e-mail today, and I surprisingly got an e-mail from Clark titled "Glad to see I made your blog." My first thought was "why the heck is Clark reading my crumby blog, and how did he even find it, and when did I even write about him!?" Well, I opened up the e-mail, and it didn't really say anything besides "The Conservative Movement Starts Here!" This did not surprise me. I guess I was sorta surprised to see a gigantic picture of him included in the e-mail. I shouldn't have been, because, well.. that's Clark. Well, for those of you who didn't know, he is married to a girl named Monica. And on their first date they fell off a cliff. I'm still a little confused on the detail
So, my pastor e-mailed me yesterday, asking me how I am doing. How I am really doing. As if the fact that my attendance (or lack thereof) to church is because of my spiritual well-being, not because of the problems that I have with the church itself. So I finally told him. I have some problems going there. Not only is there absolutely no ministry geared for someone like me (single, single, and young), but I feel like I was all but shoved out of the music ministry. And when I hadn't been there for a while, did I hear from my Pastor? Nope. Did I hear from other people in leadership? I heard from one couple in the church. ONE. What does that say to you? I guess it said to me that they could not care less whether or not I show up. Well, I told him I didn't expect him to understand where I am in this point in my life (since he was married right out of IWU like 97% of my friends), but that we could get together and talk about it if he had the time. Now that I've gotten that
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Sorry Lesley! I can't keep the branches straight apparently! My bad! Go Air Force! This weekend was boring and disappointing. Nothing really exciting happened. I don't know what's up. I think my friend (and surrogate mom) Joy is upset with me. She found out that I sorta started seeing someone and I don't think she's at all pleased with it. I know why she's unimpressed, but I guess I just don't get it. I mean- I haven't really written about this for other reasons, but maybe she thinks that I'm crazy. I don't know. I'm not ready to really talk about any of the other details, but its definitely different from anything else I have ever experienced. Then I was also thinking about all these things (while listening to Delilah on the radio- not a good thing for me normally, because it depresses me). I had this horrible thought. What if Mr. Big- the one who for a long time I've thought that there was always still a chance that we woul
To answer Kristi's Question, I am planning on going to JPs wedding, and I would LOVE to see a pic of him and the bride-to-be. I am supposed to have a recording session with the choir I'm in that day, but I have to check the priorities here... the last time I saw JP was when he came up and visited me 4 YEARS ago! That is crazy! Did I mention that my hours got cut starting this week? I have to come in a half hour later every day because my boss can't pay his bills (perhaps he has too many people on payroll). So less than 6 months after I begin, I get my hours cut. I have come to the conclusion that it was not fair to me that first of all they hired me into a really bad work situation; and secondly that I was hired into a place that apparently can't afford to pay the people that are employed here. My kitten (Piston) is adorable. I took some pics yesterday, so when I get them developed (sorry folks, I don't have a digital camera, just my SLR camera). That remi
I would be lying if I didn't say that today is one of those days that will never be the same. Five years ago, we all experienced something we never had before. This morning, watching the attacks again made me so amazed that it happened 5 years ago. I remember it happening; and it feels like it could have been yesterday. I remember being in Statistics class with Clark Vandeventer and Matt Schultz... and how our teacher made it sound almost like a joke. Then when we went to chapel, we saw the reality on the big screen. I remember sitting and praying with Micah and Jared Tidd, and I remember being scared, but not wanting to cry. I remember talking to my mom that afternoon on the phone. We all watched the news for approximately a week straight and didn't really know what else to do. Its still so surreal- and so real at the same time. Well, I've gotten that out of my system. On to more important things: I got something Friday, and I can't even contain my excitement about i
I had a fabulous Labor Day weekend. It was probably the best one yet. Friday night, after work I ran some errands and then went and sang karaoke with the gang. It was a fun time. Then Saturday, I got up and around and went to see my brother march in the Woodland Homecoming Parade. Then I went with my mom and sister to the park and we walked around and looked at the booths that people had set up there, selling baked goods and other crafts and stuff. Then we watched some of the softball games. After that, we went home and I napped. And it never fails, that when I take a nap, that people call me constantly. Well, my friend Andrea called me and invited me to her brother Aaron's party. Well, I decided to go. Well, it was lame. This party consisted of Aaron and his three friends that showed up playing drinking games in the basement while me, Andrea and her sister Ashley and her friends watched the MTV VMAs. Not my idea of fun. So I stayed my courtesy 2 hours and left to go sing karaoke.
A 36 year-old Agassi is rocking out on the tennis court this week. I've always loved him. For those of you who didn't know, I've always had a secret love for tennis. So I'm glad its Labor Day weekend. Its going to be a fun weekend. Mama Joy and Crazy Dave (a.k.a. Dad) are having a cookout on Sunday. That should be a good time by all. I'm hoping that everyone that said they were coming are still going to show up. Its going to be so fun. I'm just praying for NO RAIN. What else is happening this weekend? Not much. Last night my brother's football team beat Belding in an away game(17-14 in overtime). I'm pretty happy. However, the refs were horrible. I was hurling insults at them all night. The one guy looked approximately 13 months pregnant. He couldn't run to keep up with the plays, and I think he needed some new glasses. I also told him that. My brother told me after the game that he heard me yelling that the guy needed glasses. To be fair, that fi