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Alot has happened since my last post. My brother got married: It was the most beautiful wedding and most entertaining, fun and original reception I've ever been to. It was still traditional, but there were many neat ideas! I definitely know who is helping me when I have my big day! For those of you who don't know, that would be my sister-in-law, not my brother. Seriously- its sooo weird to think I have a sister-in-law! Another thing has happened since then. I am very happy with the man I've been seeing. Actually, I'm getting ready to introduce him to my mom for the first time. Actually, this is the first time I've brought someone "home" in years. Its rather nerve-racking! I think its so much so for me because I know that this is actually important. I'm just so happy with him and I want to continue moving in a positive direction with him. :) I said a lot.. but I guess I was wrong.. it was more like two major things.