Know your worth

If a man is in a relationship with someone else, know your worth and don't give them the time of day. If they are going to cheat on their significant other, they will probably cheat on you too. Don't obsess over a man who isn't willing to be in a relationship with you. Some women just make me sad, because they don't realize these things.

Pleasz Roy Daniels, Roy Daniels Grand Rapids, Michigan a.k.a. Mark Roy Daniels

The only reason I am writing this is so in case someone else in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area happens to google this man. I was seeing this man, Pleasz Roy Daniels, also known as Roy Daniels (he also lies online currently saying his name is Mark Roy Daniels) since January 2013. Yesterday I broke it off with him after looking at his phone. He was talking about marriage, and buying a home together. I looked at his texts and found someone saved in his phone as "My wife." I don't know who this girl is because he came into the room before I could see it. I wanted to warn her that he's been seeing me for 4 months, and I assume he's been seeing her too. I am the one who helped him when he was in trouble a few months ago. He probably told her that he was working when he was with me. The night i found the texts (middle of the night On January 26) - she had written to him "I wish you were home tonight." I'm watching out for you. I think that he's

Not Happy, but Bittersweet Thanksgiving

This year is going to be the most difficult Thanksgiving I've ever had. In the past 5 years or so, my family has had it's share of difficult holidays. One year we spent Thanksgiving and Christmas in either a hospital or nursing home with my mother. That year was particularly difficult for her, because she really wanted to be home, but couldn't buy presents for us kids. That was odd, because my mom always loved to buy us things for Christmas. She always made every year better than the last. Last year she was getting out of the hospital on Thanksgiving, I made dinner, picked her up. It was a long stressful day. I would trade that for anything... if she were here with us. This year I am spending Thanksgiving with my Sister and her family and my Mom's husband at my Mom's house. We have invited people who have nowhere else to go to come over and spend the day with us. This is a way I thought might make this easier for us, or at least take the sting of the day away sl

Running Away

I haven't written in a while because it has been too difficult. My mom died on August 20. My mom was the only parent I ever had. I didn't grow up with my biological father. My mom has been with the same man since I was 8 but I haven't ever really thought of him as "dad." There's a strained history there but that's not really important to what I'm writing now. Of course when my mom passed away I cried. I cried a lot. I didn't do a lot of sleeping, and when I did, I cried myself to sleep. However, I did most of this at home, by myself so no one could see. I got a lot of support initially in the form of sympathy cards, "facebook love," and friends just being around for me. I tried to act "OK" around people. Then would go home where I was alone and cry. I don't like feeling like people are pitying me, and I didn't want people to think I just wanted attention. Now I'm feeling very down. I feel forgotten. I feel like p

Hot Mess

So I don't understand why women are so crazy. That's probably something you've never heard a woman say... usually it is men that say some variation of this phrase. This weekend, I was talking to my friend Pete, and he was telling me about this girl. Basically an older friend of his introduced Pete to his niece. He was apparently trying to get them together. First of all, don't hook up your friends... it's just not a good idea. If it ends badly, its bad for you. If people are attracted to each other (not just physically) they will find each other on their own. Anyway, that's a whole different topic. So this guy introduces Pete to his niece. They hang out - in a group setting, not just the two of them or anything. They become facebook friends the day they meet as is apparently something that's acceptable. THE NEXT DAY she posts as her status on facebook that she is sitting next to the man who she hopes will "be hers forever." and that he has a

Crip Walk Dance

So Serena Williams won the Gold Metal in Women's tennis at the Olympics in London. When she won, she did a celebratory dance. I found it hilarious, and really nice to see someone so excited about winning. I think things like winning a Gold Metal for your country make all the sacrifices these athletes make worth it. So now everyone is freaking out because this dance apparently originated from the gang the Crips. Seriously? Do you think Serena Williams was saying she's a Crip or that she was promoting violence by doing this? I don't. I think its a fun little dance and she did it. The way her sister cracked up when she did it makes me think there might be a little inside joke to it. So if we're not doing things associated with bad people, why are we still doing the olympic flame ceremony? I didn't know until this year that this tradition started as Nazi Propaganda. So why aren't people freaking out about that? Basically, I think people need to lighten up. For


I will never understand why women are so desperate. Do these women not realize there are a lot of men out in the world? I mean single women always say "There are no good men out there." But those are the women who meet a guy, have sex with him the first day they meet him while in a drunken stupor, and then think that he is wanting a relationship with her. Seriously? Are women really stupid enough to believe what they tell themselves in a case like this? I honestly think that they are looking for a way to excuse their poor behavior and bad decision-making. I don't act desperate because I'm not. I know I don't have to be. If there is some man that I am attracted to, I'm not going to stalk him, or follow him around. I might hope we will run into each other, but I won't find out where he is and go there... that's just crazy. I'm not going to change my life around to try to "catch" him. Chances are if you change yourself to get someone, even