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Hot Mess

So I don't understand why women are so crazy. That's probably something you've never heard a woman say... usually it is men that say some variation of this phrase. This weekend, I was talking to my friend Pete, and he was telling me about this girl. Basically an older friend of his introduced Pete to his niece. He was apparently trying to get them together. First of all, don't hook up your friends... it's just not a good idea. If it ends badly, its bad for you. If people are attracted to each other (not just physically) they will find each other on their own. Anyway, that's a whole different topic. So this guy introduces Pete to his niece. They hang out - in a group setting, not just the two of them or anything. They become facebook friends the day they meet as is apparently something that's acceptable. THE NEXT DAY she posts as her status on facebook that she is sitting next to the man who she hopes will "be hers forever." and that he has a

Crip Walk Dance

So Serena Williams won the Gold Metal in Women's tennis at the Olympics in London. When she won, she did a celebratory dance. I found it hilarious, and really nice to see someone so excited about winning. I think things like winning a Gold Metal for your country make all the sacrifices these athletes make worth it. So now everyone is freaking out because this dance apparently originated from the gang the Crips. Seriously? Do you think Serena Williams was saying she's a Crip or that she was promoting violence by doing this? I don't. I think its a fun little dance and she did it. The way her sister cracked up when she did it makes me think there might be a little inside joke to it. So if we're not doing things associated with bad people, why are we still doing the olympic flame ceremony? I didn't know until this year that this tradition started as Nazi Propaganda. So why aren't people freaking out about that? Basically, I think people need to lighten up. For


I will never understand why women are so desperate. Do these women not realize there are a lot of men out in the world? I mean single women always say "There are no good men out there." But those are the women who meet a guy, have sex with him the first day they meet him while in a drunken stupor, and then think that he is wanting a relationship with her. Seriously? Are women really stupid enough to believe what they tell themselves in a case like this? I honestly think that they are looking for a way to excuse their poor behavior and bad decision-making. I don't act desperate because I'm not. I know I don't have to be. If there is some man that I am attracted to, I'm not going to stalk him, or follow him around. I might hope we will run into each other, but I won't find out where he is and go there... that's just crazy. I'm not going to change my life around to try to "catch" him. Chances are if you change yourself to get someone, even