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Running Away

I haven't written in a while because it has been too difficult. My mom died on August 20. My mom was the only parent I ever had. I didn't grow up with my biological father. My mom has been with the same man since I was 8 but I haven't ever really thought of him as "dad." There's a strained history there but that's not really important to what I'm writing now. Of course when my mom passed away I cried. I cried a lot. I didn't do a lot of sleeping, and when I did, I cried myself to sleep. However, I did most of this at home, by myself so no one could see. I got a lot of support initially in the form of sympathy cards, "facebook love," and friends just being around for me. I tried to act "OK" around people. Then would go home where I was alone and cry. I don't like feeling like people are pitying me, and I didn't want people to think I just wanted attention. Now I'm feeling very down. I feel forgotten. I feel like p