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I went to a pretty fun bridal shower on Friday (not as fun as Amanda's, but it was pretty good). We went to this place called "Piece of Mine Pottery" and they have all this pottery stuff and you can paint it. Then you leave it there and they glaze it or whatever, and you can pick it up later. I can't wait to see how mine looks. I was so crafty, I can't even believe it! Ka-rock-ee was pretty fun...Dave looked so awesome in his Elvis costume. However, stupid Aiden made me mad. I shouldn't even call him by that name anymore, because I'm not even sure that he deserves it. I was furious at him on Friday. I thought things could be normal, even though a few weeks ago he kissed me and I didn't kiss him back or even say anything to him about it... but apparently we can't be normal yet. So I was being normal and just chatting with him and we were laughing and carrying on and I thought of how nice it was because he wasn't being an idiot about ev
What sucks the most is that I'm pretty much done for the day and I need to stay for training at 2 pm. I guess it could be worse. However, I'm pretty excited about the fact that I get to go to a bridal shower tonight. Its for a friend from high school, and I get to see another friend whom I haven't seen in YEARS! At least, it seems like years... Its been nearly a year. I'm so excited to see Bethy! She would hate it if she knew I called her that! So on the down side, I was hoping I'd get paid today, and I didn't. Crapsticks. I loathe the pay system here, but I don't think I'll be needing to put up with it much longer. Oh, also ELVIS NIGHT is here. Tonight at the place where I sing karaoke, we're having Elvis night. That should be fun. Dad (Dave) will be dressed up like The King himself, and I can't wait for that!
First of all, I must welcome Micah and Todd to the blogging circuit! How fun is that! I'm so excited that more and more people are joining us blog addicts, because then I can acutally know what is going on in my friend's lives! Anyway, so I've been sick for about the past week. So I went to the doctor the other day (63 bucks out of my pocket, since I have no health insurance)- and first of all, the physician's assistant there is a girl I went to high school with, so I'm glad it wasn't something really embarassing or anything. Secondly, I don't have strep throat, which is good. I may have a viral infection or mono. Well, I've never had mono before, but I have been pretty tired lately. Anyway, to sum up, if I don't feel better next week, I need to go in to get a mono test (which will probably cost me another 63 bucks). So I think I either have skin cancer, or mono (that's an inside joke for some of you out there). So yeah. I'm quitting my jo
Wow, my life is crazy. So this weekend, I went to the townhouse both Friday and Saturday. Friday was pretty much normal, with the normal crowd, but Lorena came to hang out too. And then there was Saturday. Now Saturday is a different story. We were having a good time, Lorena brought some people and we were having a good old time. She had brought her daughter and some of her friends, and they were fun because they're more my age. Well, anyway, that's not all that interesting, but the next part is. Now Aiden was there. Now normally, I don't go out of my way to get myself into trouble with him because of our past and what happened. However, I was pretty upset with Caramel at the time because Friday he said he'd call me and he never ended up following through. I know he's sick and all that, but I was still pretty irritated, because at this point, I'm not sure whether it is the illness or the fact that he's sick of me or something. So anyway, Aiden