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I would say happy new year, but its not here yet... so you'll have to wait to hear that one. What's up with our branch office being the only one that doesn't get days off because of holidays? IT SUCKS! I was anticipating at least one day off! I'm excited about New Year's Eve. I usually hate new year's eve too. Michelle's having a party and it is going to be so so fun. We'll see. At midnight I'll probably still think it sucks because NYE is the loneliest night of the whole year. Ok. Peace out.
So Christmas rocked. Not only did I get some pretty cool stuff, but I had a wonderful time with my family. We had Margaritas on Christmas eve, which was AWESOME, and had a good time all around. Then on Christmas we had dinner and played the infamous card game "screw your neighbor." Gramma was sick on Christmas day, so Uncle Tim said that if she didn't get better soon, they were shipping her off to the manor home. He was joking of course. The day before Christmas Eve, I got into a fight with my sister's loser boyfriend. He was cussing her out and calling her not nice names, and I schooled him on why he shouldn't talk to her like that. He told me that I had no business telling him how to talk to his girlfriend and I informed him it was my business because she was my sister, and told him he needed to learn to treat women with respect. His mom was a whore, so he thinks all women are going to be that way. He has serious issues. When he cussed me out, I told
Yo MONICA- here's your shout out- YOU ROCK! To answer the previous commenter's question, I have known Mr. Big for about 3 years, give or take a few months. Most recently our "hanging out" (for lack of better verbage), has been since August. Our relationship has been comparable to that of Carrie and Mr. Big from Sex and the City- besides the whole marriage thing and cheating on his wife thing- he's never been married, and therefore never cheated on his wife with me either.... However, after we first met and I went back to college, I did have a host family when I travelled with The Chorale where the host dad looked EXACTLY like him and shared his (real) name. I'd like to give a shout out to Monica. See dear, there's another one. I'm stocking up. I'm excited about Christmas. Yeah, I may be broke, and I may be living back at home for a short time, but I love Christmas. I love spending the holidays with my family... no matter how crazy they ar
First of all, in response to Monica's comment, No, I don't have any pictures of Big and me to post. Read November 26ths entry about the big secret of his identity explanation. Its still the same. Anyone who wants a description, feel free to ask. There may be people reading this who don't know who he is yet for a reason. Sorry, Monica.
So, is anyone else annoyed that postage is going up again? I mean, I know that 2 cents should not seem like a lot, but it adds up fast. How much do we really need to raise the stamps up to 39 cents? And for that matter, why not at that point at least make it a round number so its easier to add up in your head? At least THAT would make sense to me. No wonder those people go postal. Anyway, I'm a bit irritated. In the past few weeks, our boss said that if we weren't at a certain level of production by Christmas, we'd have to work the day after Christmas. Perhaps I didnt quite understand what he was getting at, but now the deal is that if we're not at a certain level of production at the end of this week, then we have to come in Friday.... you know, Christmas Eve Eve. It wouldn't bother me so much if I had known about it, and if I've had a bit better month (obviously) So I need to make about 700 dollars in the next two days, which is entirely possible, but I&#
Does anyone really read this thing? If you do, leave a comment. Then you'll for sure get a "shout out." Yeah, I'm ghetto now.
So, yeah. I have no idea what to write. Hmmm... The weather around here sucks. I'm sick of driving around in this crap... however, I do like the fact that we will have a white Christmas, and I don't mind winter in general, I just hate the fact that I have to drive around on the crappy roads all the time. AND another thing: What is the deal with gas prices going up 20 cents in one day! That is just outrageous. Perhaps I shouldn't be complaining, since the prices are less now than they were this summer, and as Americans, we are finally paying prices comparable to the rest of the world, but 20 cents in one day?! IN ONE DAY?! Lets see, there are about 9 days until Christmas and I have 1.) Not sent out Christmas cards, which makes me believe I won't; and 2.) Not purchased any sorts of gifts for anyone. I'm not normally that bad of a procrastinator, but this year the story is different. I get paid on commission and because a situation I can't really explai
So yeah, Yesterday sucked because I didn't make any money.... and some stupid dude locked my keys in my car because I stupidly let him move my car when I was at his house and then he wanted ME to pay for it. Thank goodness his wife made him pay to get my car door unlocked since it was his fault. Some people's kids!! Anyway, I'm excited because its finally time to decorate the Christmas tree. I can hardly wait!We got our tree so late this year and I just can't wait to decorate it, even though my sister never does it right.... you see, there is a correct way to decorate a tree, and an incorrect way to do it. MY way is correct, and any other way is wrong. I hope those of you reading this know me well enough to know how to take that statement. What's the deal with me writing emails to people and never hearing back from them? I mean, I'm usually horrible at keeping in contact with people, but now that I'm trying to be better at it, the other people aren&
Just so those of you reading this know, you need to take everything I say with a grain of salt, and if you don't know what that means, you're stupid. (I hope some of you can appreciate that opening line). Anywho- so Saturday was the office Christmas party, and it was awesome. I had a rockin' time, and no, Big did not attend. It didn't really bother me, because I didn't have to worry about people telling him how much I talk about him or anything like that. Not that its constantly, but he's gotten a few "shout outs" in the past few months. Its mostly just the people on my team though. I understand the stress finals can inflict on a person in college, afterall, I went through more finals in my undergrad than most do (not really sure if that's true, but I did go 5 years). However, people at the office are not always so understanding. I don't really care what they think, because I know that I don't have to be defined by whether or not B
Well, today and the past night have been interesting... we'll go in chronological order though. Last night, after a less than mediocre day in the field, I made my way to the thursday night women's group I have been participating with at my church. Well, around 8pm or so, I got a call from my manager, Jeff. Now, Jeff was scheduled to go to meet my client's power of attorney to get this ridiculous situation taken care of that has left me without getting paid for 2 months. Now, he calls me, and I'm expecting him to tell me how he got everything taken care of and we should be expecting a check in a matter of days. Well, it was quite the opposite. He tells me that he never even got to go to meet the woman because she cancelled... then said if the product we are putting her aunt into is an annuity, she doesn't want to do it for a few reasons. Well, the door is still open to make some money, but that's not the point. The point is that I haven't gotten paid in 2 mo
So if Monica is reading this- what's up... otherwise, hi everyone that may read this thing. So here's the deal. We're having this seemingly awesome Christmas party for work, and I wanted to invite Big, but there's a new catch. Here it is: all men have to wear suits. Now, this doesn't seem like it would be a problem, but how many normal college guys have suits? I mean, for the love- if you're bringing a guest, can't there be a little bit of an exception?! Its not like he has to work here. Things are going well. Mr. Big and I spent all Saturday together. It was a good time to be had by all. At least I think so. It seemed that way. My life is going pretty well in the personal aspect these days... financially it still sucks. I haven't gotten paid in about two months. Once this whole ordeal is over, I will be so sooooo happy. Things with Big make me happy. I couldn't care less about everything else at this point. Well, we shall see w