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What is it about me that says "Yes, I would like to be involved with an old man"? In the past month, I have had 2 what I would consider to be "old" men hit on me. Now we're talking old. One was at least in his 60s, and told me he would cook for me and treat me like a lady. The other one (that happened this weekend) was probably old enough to at least be my father. I would guess somewhere in his 40s. Maybe late 40s. Out of control. Maybe I'm being agist, but I can't even imagine (unless it was Viggo Mortensen). Rasheed isn't even that age. Gosh! I still can't believe it. I'm just hoping that I never get so desperate as to find that I say things like "its not so bad."
Ionia Idol was bunk. I couldn't believe when they announced the five finalists for our night and one of them wasn't my name. It was surreal... 3 out of the 5 people that are now in the finals sucked. The other two were actually good, and I thought they'd be in the finals. One girl actually forgot the words to "Old Time Rock & Roll," and the judge said (this is a direct quote)- "you forgot the words, but that won't count against you." What? Aren't the words kinda important? So if I would have stood there while my accompaniment just played because I "forgot the words," I would have advanced because technically the vocals were flawless because they didn't exist? This is ridiculous! That was beside the fact that after ever phrase she had to squeak making her inflection go up (a la Stephen Tyler- only he actually doesn't sound like a douche when he does it). The other girl was in the completely wrong key after her key
This picture is awesome. Don't you hate it when you work with someone, and at first they seem like they aren't a complete Nazi psycho, and then you find out different? I do. That's never happened to me though.
So I went on a mad search for karaoke CDs last night. I can't seem to find the two songs I have to do for Ionia Idol. But thankfully, Crazy Dave loves me, and he has offered to let me use his actual CDs he uses for his karaoke equipment as well as his CD-G reader should the equipment at Ionia not read the CDs. I could not believe it when he offered. I'm pretty happy that he was so generous as to offer. One more day. I'm kinda starting to get nervous- but in a good way. I'm pretty excited, because so many people I know have told me they are coming to hear me sing. No pressure, right? Anyway, I also got my hair cut yesterday. I was nervous, because the lady that usually cuts my hair (although not really spectacular at anything she does in particular) doesn't work there anymore. I just get nervous when new people take scissors to my hair. I've had some less than stellar experiences. Like when my hair ended up soooooooo short before my first trip to E
Frustration abounds. I swear that if I have one more person asking me what I did on what day and all that crap (at my job) I am going to go crazy. Today we had the girl who has been off for something like 7 weeks come back to work. Now not only do I have our office manager constantly asking me what I'm doing and what exactly I did yesterday or 2 weeks ago and what exact day it was (just for the record- it doesn't matter when I did the things she's asking me that I did), I have the girl that came back asking me too. That is not my idea of fun. I LOATHE when I'm trying to do something and the whole time I have someone there asking me what I'm doing and why and blah blah blah. It drives me insane. The more I work, the more things I find that are annoying about working here. I probably shouldn't complain, but come on! The worst thing is that people around here think you don't know when they're talking about you. Well, I DO! I'm sorry that Lar
I love this picture. I have to continue putting up pictures of Rasheed in the off-season because I miss him just oh so much. I don't know who the douche is posting crap about Lebanon on my blog, but that needs to stop immediately. It has nothing to do with politics. There's a time and a place for crap like that, and its definitely not on my blog! I'm so glad its nearly the weekend. This is my last weekend of practicing for Ionia Idol. I am pumped, and I really need to win so I can get my car fixed! That's one of many things that need to be taken care of with the money. WOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOO FRIDAY!
How have I never seen this picture before today? That is hot.
I will never understand how some people can be so dumb. How can one find the number for the agency where I work and then call us to ask the number to another agency? Have we never heard of the proper use of a phone book? That's like me looking for a friend's number, and instead of looking up their name, look up someone who might know them, calling them and asking them for their number. What a complete waste of time. Some people's kids! I'm looking forward to tomorrow, mostly because its Friday and I live for the weekends. I'm pretty excited about having some time to sing karaoke and spend time with Zac. I sorta feel bad because I had to (for lack of better words) "blow off" Gabriel. He seemed like a really nice guy, but sometimes things just aren't meant to be. It would be perfect if Aiden showed up to karaoke this weekend. I just want to invite him to hear me sing next week. He is my biggest fan, after all. I really wish today was Friday
I've never before had the feeling of actually giving good advice in love and them thanking me for it. It happened today. Yesterday, I encouraged a girl I work with to go out with this guy who asked her out to dinner that night. She actually went, and thanked me because she had such a good time. It felt so good to be on the other end of the spectrum for once. I just had to share that.
Well, the Pistons officially have to guys named "Flip" on the team now. I'm rather excited. I think Flip Murray is great, and he is going to be a wonderful addition to the team. This other dude, the tall one, Nazr Muhammed, sounds good. I think that they are both great additions to the team. The other picture is just up because I missed looking at Rasheed.
So last night was good. It began by leaving work! I was so glad! I had a bad work day yesterday, if you couldn't tell. I was going to go donate plasma, and got through the first half of it (WAITING mostly- and answering all of the questions)- and I had texted Zac to tell him that I had some stuff going on in GR, and if he wasn't busy I could come by. He called before I got out of work, and then again 15 minutes later, and I told him I'd be there in a while. Then he called while I was in the holding area. That's when I decided to just leave and go see Zac. It was nice to see him again- we hadn't hung out in nearly 3 weeks, and I think I was going through withdrawals. I can't believe how into watching the news he is. He was so enthralled by it. It kinda made me feel like an idiot for not paying closer attention to what goes on in the world than I do. He told me he couldn't believe that I was a republican because I'm not rich. It was yet anoth
D-dogg- I will have to show you the pictures sometime of the toga party. It was very fun. Plus, you probably wouldn't need a queen- just a full. That's what I used- and there was still plenty left over. Just don't tell anyone! J/k. I must have my mojo working at this point. A guy I've never met at the toga party was all up in my business flirting with me and asking me to dance with him. His name was Brian. When he started cracking up I began to wonder, but it was just because he got poked in the belly with one of the safety pins holding up his toga. He and his friend Matt were just pumped to wear togas and go commando underneath, according to Matt's girl, Nicole. Yeah, there were some close calls there, but thank goodness there was officially no reason for anyone to be arrested for indecent exposure. I did receive a lot of compliments on my toga, which is pretty exciting. Dave continues to announce the fact that I'm going to be in the poorly named competition
My cousin Carrie is a douche. BY THE WAY- EVERYONE knows I go sing karaoke like all the time... so if people really wanted to show up, then they should totally show up, probably wanting to call me first to make sure I'm really there. Ben is officially a Chicago Bull. I hope he feels very out of place there. He should. He belongs where he was and its just too bad that he let money tear him away. I'm so glad its Friday. I'm so ready for the weekend and for the toga party. Its gonna be freaking awesome. TOGA! TOGA! TOGA!
The following is a great article from the Detroit Free Press by Mitch Albom. It is titled "It's not what you say, it's where you sign." I think it says a lot about what most Detroit Pistons fans are feeling right now. Ben Wallace is scheduled to talk today. But I have heard him talk before. I've heard him talk by his locker. I've heard him talk in the Palace hallways. I've heard him talk sitting across from me, one on one, his head dipped, his big hands pressing together. In all those times, he never once said, "For me, it's about the money." But that is what his actions say. So I'm not listening anymore. Look, Wallace can do anything he wants. He can pull on anyone's uniform. He can take a big-money deal with a division rival and hold a news conference to trumpet it -- as he is set to do today in Chicago -- and I can't say one critical thing about it. But I don't have to listen. And I won't. In fact, I probably won&
This is a little message for "anonymous": I believe in Jesus. I believe that often times people do "get what's coming to them," but I also believe that sometimes bad things happen for what we might forsee as for no reason at all. Of course, I also believe that everything happens for a reason, and that sometimes bad things happen to good people. I don't really think I have many foes... I mean, in people that I know. I know there are people out there who believe that I'm evil just because I live where I do, but that's fine, because all will be judged eventually. As for people who aren't even bold enough to use their real names: I think that's lame to say the least. If one was really my foe, or even my friend, why would they be afraid to use their real name when challenging me? Anyone who knows me should know that I will accept a challenge, and sometime even invite one. Then again, maybe you're just messing with me. I don't care... be
So, that last comment that was posted by an anonymous person was a little creepy. I doubt any foes that I happen to have would even take a second glance at my blog, they'd probably get it off from their screen immediately. Plus I don't think I have all that many foes.... that I know of. Anyway, this weekend was interesting. Friday I went out to karaoke and ended up hanging out with my Uncle Tim for the night. It was interesting to say the least... but we had fun. Then Saturday, I had to sing the National Anthem with the Chorale Society at a West Michigan Whitecaps game (minor league), and that was fun. The game was fun and they had fireworks afterwards, and that was cool. Then I decided on the way home I'd at least stop by karaoke for a little bit, cuz I wanted to talk to Joy, but she ended up not even being there. I ended up hanging out a little bit and meeting a guy who was hitting on me all night. He was actually extremely good looking, with really pretty eyes
So I tried to post the other day, and somehow after I typed everything, it disappeared. So I'll start with this: Mimi- if you're reading this, I'm going to try to come to camp. I work in Hastings now, which should make it easier, but I'm dog-sitting for my Aunt in Belding that week, and it should prove to be interesting. I hope to be able to go sing in the choir though. And let me just say how sad I am that Big Ben decided to leave the Pistons [for a crappy team]. Its too bad, but I really think that it may be good for them... no more laughs at the free throw line, and no more worries about the "hack-a-Ben" tactics. Best of luck Ben... although I wish you could have retired a Piston. Don't you love the way I talk like he's actually going to be reading my crumby blog? At least it wasn't Rasheed. However, I must also say, this ruins my plan for me and my brother to get matching wallace tattoos. Oh well, I'm still getting the Rasheed on