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So I guess that I was wrong. More than one person does read my blog! Let me clarify about my financial problems: this mostly stems from the fact that I get paid on commission and even though I was top agent last month, I have not gotten paid on most of those sales. The big one was being held up by some douche who was trying to take advantage of my client. I should get paid on that by next week, but I have bills now. Anyway- I wrote another policy today... another annuity. Maybe I really am the annuity queen as they've started to call me in the office. Ha... that's funny to me. Anyway, I'm tired, and have to get up in the morning, so I'm going to bed!!!!
Yo everyone... I should say ALL one of you that read this... I'm sure there's not many more than one of my friends who reads this (Jasmine).... anyway- I am almost done stressing about money. I have my big transfer almost all taken care of. This poor lady (my client), has gone through so much to get her money to a better place, and I'll be glad when we have it all taken care of finally. The guy from the other company has been really unethical, and I'm not pleased. Anyway- I was happy to write a few small annuities today, because I need the apps. I really really want to get my 30 applications in 90 days so I can get a free laptop. That would frickin' rock. Plus I get back all the money I put into my training. I was actually Top Agent in the office last month, with my total commission being almost 15,000. By the way, for anyone who thinks I may owe them money- no I have not seen most of that money yet. ALSO- my friend charity and I put in an application to
So I'm very stressed out about money. If there's anyone out there that is reading this that thinks they may have any suggestions- go for it. I have all this money coming to me, but the company we are transferring it from is being gay and not sending the check and scaring my client to death about doing the transfer. I'm probably going to kill them. Anyway, I'm probably going to have to borrow money from people or something in order to pay my bills. which isn't so bad because i know i'm going to get the money in a week or so, but I LOATHE asking to borrow money. Because most people I know can't afford it in the first place.