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This message is specifically for Monica: Yes, you are right. I do hate you for seeing probably one of my favorite players on the team. You are so lucky, and I am jealous. Well, my Caramel is seriously sick. Today I stopped by his apartment to drop off some balloons just to show I'm thinking of him and hoping that he gets better soon, and he had some aparatus on his waist, and hooked up to his chest similar to what a heart monitor looks like. It was scary, and needless to say kinda freaked me out. Aparently Ralph's dad had malaria. He said that ever 5 or 6 years he would get sick from it and be that way for a few weeks. If that's all it is, then that'd be fine, but I was just worried it was going to be something where he was sick all the time, and that's not good at all. I'm still worried about him, and hoping to hear what the doctor said was positive. So other than that I did have a pretty good time this weekend. Both Friday and Saturday night Andr
The Pistons are now 53-13, and play-offs are about a month away! Keep Rockin' out Rasheed, Ben, Chauncey, Rip, Tayshaun, Antonio, Delfino, Evans, and all the other guys.
Its finally Friday! Isn't it funny how we work all week to look forward to the weekend? Then we just start all over again. Crazy. This weekend is going to be really fun. Some people from work and I are all going to sing Karaoke at my favorite karaoke place. I'm pretty pumped about that. Caramel has to work tomorrow, so I won't be going over there unless it is pretty late Saturday after he gets home from work. So I'm glad that we made these plans last Saturday to do this. Taxes. Have to do them. Haven' t really even started. Crap. What's the deal with me getting hosed on my commission? They're taking all this money away from me, and for all the money I've made, I am getting hardly any because of some stupid errors and ommissions insurance and office fund. That blows. Its not bad enough that I don't get advances anymore, and they're taking all this crap out of my check that I can't even afford. It blows. I'm out. Getting
This was a pretty good weekend. I got to spend time with Caramel, which was awesome. We took some pictures together, and my mom at least finally got to see a picture of him. She thinks he's "so good looking." Anyway- Saturday, I went to Jim's for a good time of kicking his butt in euchre. Then I went and hung out with the girls at the townhouse for some good times and Karaoke. Wahoo! Aiden was there. That sucked, because he got this sorta deer in the headlights look when he saw me. Little does he know, I don't really care about him anymore. Maybe he was right all along... Anyway, this weekend some people from work want to go and sing karaoke, and that will be fun. Perhaps I can get Caramel to come along. That'd be fun. Today was an okay day at work. Its not as much fun without Stephanie here though! I miss her so much and can't wait until she comes back! I have nothing else to say, really. Tonight is American Idol! Let's finally
There's nothing like deciding to update your resume (mostly for personal reasons), and having your boss walk in and notice what you're doing. I did this today, and I feel really stupid. I hadn't updated my resume since I started working here at Bankers, so I thought it would be something I should keep on top of. Well, right at I was on monster, updating the only saved version I have of my resume, in walks Adam (the big boss- whom I lost a bet to today- but it was only for a dollar). So then I get called into Jeff's office and get the question I know he asks whenever something is up. He asked, "What's the word?" I knew something weird was going on. Then I was informed that I should now make my resume private on monster so that it cannot be searched. I told him it has been public for over a year when I originally put it on there, and he said "well, its never come across my desk, and we use monster all the time." Whatever. If he chooses no
This weekend was excellent. Let's see, last time I wrote was about a week ago. Let me see what I can share that has happened in the past week. Wednesday I got a call from Caramel that he was stuck on US-131 because his truck(for work) broke down and they told him they wouldn't have someone able to pick him up for about 2 hours. That sucked for him, but he eventually was rescued. Thursday was my mom's (a.k.a. Freckle) 47th birthday. I'm all about this because my favorite number is 47..... why you may ask? Because it is completely random in every way. We went to this excellent restaurant in Lansing called "Cheeseburger in Paradise," and its one of Jimmy Buffet's restaurants. A pretty cool place. If you ever go, try the chocolate nachos. Sounds gross, but they're very good... just make sure you have room for them! Friday on my way home from work I got a flat tire, thanks to needing not only an alignment, but a ball joint on the front passenge