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So I basically got offered the job at Bankers. However, I do have to pay for a class in order to get my insurance license. That will cost around $200. But if I turn out to be good at this job, I will be making a great deal of money. Also, I could perform with the Grand Rapids opera on weekends. That would ROCK! We'll see. Because if I do get good at this job and make all this money- I will be able to pay off my debt and buy a house! Rock on! Anyhooooooooo.... That's all I have for now.
So, Today. Oh Today. I met a friend's boyfriend (I think). I'm not exactly sure. Usually when you meet a friend's friend or significant other, its somewhat friendly. I could not stand this ignorant buffoon. I wanted to punch him right in the throat. I never want to spend even 5 minutes with him ever again, even if it is to be nice to her. Some of the amazingly ignorant things that he said absolutely amazed me. I can't even believe that some people can actually be that stupid. I got my hair cut today. I'm not sure if i like it yet, but its okay. The lady that cut my hair was really nice. I usually only tip a couple of dollars but I tipped her seven bucks. She made my haircutting experience very nice, which I haven't had in a few years of getting my hair cut. Usually I leave hating my hair because the dumb lady didn't do anything close to what I wanted. Oh well, one thing good about hair- it grows. Tomorrow is my big interview. I'm ne
So the Oscar Nominations came out today. I was okay with them for the most part, except for the fact that The Passion of the Christ got the shaft on some of the areas where I thought there should have at least been a nomination. Just because of "politics" within Hollywood and the fact that all those actors and crap are all big fat liberal communists. Yeah- I said it. I was really upset when I was watching Fox News today and they were talking about making the morning after pill an over-the-counter drug. And the woman who was on there was trying to justify making it legal by saying how difficult it is to take a day off school or work to go to the doctor and get a prescription for it. I wanted to stab her in the face when she said that. Of course not literally, because I don't even know who she is, but you get my point. If a girl can't restrain herself from having sex without being on birth control or taking the necessary measures to make sure she doesn't g
So today I went to H & R Block and got raped for them doing my taxes. What I mean is they charged me way too much! I can't believe that I payed one hundred dollars in order to get my taxes done there. I am supposedly getting my check tomorrow, and if I don't, I'm gonna be seriously pissed. Oh well, the lady was pretty nice. ALSO- What is up with single people getting screwed on their taxes? Unless you are married or have kids, you get screwed with taxes. I got almost half of what I would have gotten if I had any other dependents. It kinda sucks. Oh well, I'm over it now. So there is only a few more days until my job interview and I am still praying that I will get it because I really really really need the job. I was thinking of all the advantages of having this job would be. I would love to get my own apartment so I can decorate it! That would ROCK! I have so many ideas to decorate my own little place. That would be extremely exciting. I would hav
So yeah, I am growing more and more nervous about my upcoming interview on Thursday. What if I say something completely stupid? What if they don't hire me? I'm hoping and praying that I will get this job, even though I'm not quite sure what is included in this job. I do know that they called me based on what they saw in my resume on That is a bonus. I am completely scared. I really need a job, and I am scared that if I don't get this one that I won't get an opportunity like this again anytime soon. So I get to be in Nicole's wedding, and talking to her tonight about it was so surreal. I miss hanging with her and I know once she gets married, things will never be the same again. That is how it always is. Marriage changes friendships. How many of my married friends go out of their way to call me and see how things are going? How many of my married friends want me to come and spend a few days with them? Not many that I can think of
WHY IS THIS COMPUTER A PIECE OF CRAP?!!?!???!?!!?!?!?! Why is it that I can go onto any other website but the one I really want!?!?! I have been trying to sign onto hotmail for the past three days and all my computer does is let me sign in and then it goes to "about:blank" for no apparent reason!!! I am about to smash my computer through the window I am sitting in front of and then get a baseball (or softball) bat and smash the thing to death(even though I know it is not alive). I would say "just email me and tell me if you know what is wrong," but I can't access my bloody e-mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So my computer is a piece of crap. Just thought I'd share that. I'm hoping that tax time will bring me a new computer. That's would be a WONDERFUL thing! Oh, anyway I am so incredibly excited because I have an interview next Thursday. Its with a company called Bankers Life and Casuality. I think I spelled that right... anyway, I am not quite sure what the job is that I am interviewing for because the lady on the phone was talking really fast and I was trying to write it all down, but I am hoping for the best. Since I haven't heard at all from Auto Owner's Insurance. I don't know what that is all about. I'm so pumped because if I get this job I'll actually not have to worry about unemployment anymore AND I can start paying off my serious debt. That would rock the Hiz-ouse. Another reason for excitement is that my man- George W. Bush was inaugurated for his second term of office, and it was a joyous thing. Watching all of the ceremony a
Napoleon Dynamite is funny, but I pretty much hate my life right now.
Wow, this thing will finally let me post new information!!!! I am so excited! Well, for those of you who might actually care enough to be reading this, I NO LONGER WORK AT WALMART!!!! PRAISE THE LORD AM I EVER HAPPY!!! If you might be wondering, I am currently unemployed and I am looking for a job. I am hoping to hear back from an insurance company nearby in Lansing. This would be an awesome opportunity for me to have a wonderful job and pay my student loans and get out of debt! It would be such a blessing and I hope that you will pray hard that I get a call from this company. Besides that I've been looking into some other opportunities and joining the Lakewood Choral Society, which is conducted by my former High School Choir director Dr. Robert Oster. This will get me singing again and I am extremely excited about that, since singing is my life. Also if I get a job in Lansing, I can start taking voice lessons from a Prof. at MSU or something like that. That would be awesome. I w