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Know your worth

If a man is in a relationship with someone else, know your worth and don't give them the time of day. If they are going to cheat on their significant other, they will probably cheat on you too. Don't obsess over a man who isn't willing to be in a relationship with you. Some women just make me sad, because they don't realize these things.

Pleasz Roy Daniels, Roy Daniels Grand Rapids, Michigan a.k.a. Mark Roy Daniels

The only reason I am writing this is so in case someone else in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area happens to google this man. I was seeing this man, Pleasz Roy Daniels, also known as Roy Daniels (he also lies online currently saying his name is Mark Roy Daniels) since January 2013. Yesterday I broke it off with him after looking at his phone. He was talking about marriage, and buying a home together. I looked at his texts and found someone saved in his phone as "My wife." I don't know who this girl is because he came into the room before I could see it. I wanted to warn her that he's been seeing me for 4 months, and I assume he's been seeing her too. I am the one who helped him when he was in trouble a few months ago. He probably told her that he was working when he was with me. The night i found the texts (middle of the night On January 26) - she had written to him "I wish you were home tonight." I'm watching out for you. I think that he's