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I'm sure that many of you have heard about this ridiculous media frenzy about John and Kate from "John and Kate Plus 8." I hear more about it, since I leave my TV on for my dog. You see, I get home and all those stupid (sorry, I'm not a fan of them) entertainment shows are on. So, there's much speculation about "what happened" and why it happened. I have a simple opinion. If he did cheat- which that eventually is between the two of them and their marriage, even though they did thrust themselves into the spotlight- IF he did, I think I can see why he did. His wife, from just the clips that I have seen, constantly emasculates him. Telling him he breathes too loud, telling him he needs to do this or do that. I'm sorry if this sounds prehistoric or not 21st century enough, but men do still need to be treated like men. Husbands should know that they are valued, loved (the way they are- loud breathing and all) and treated like the man they are. Kate tre
So, why do people feel the need to insult other people's dogs? I might be a little sensitive to this, but here's what I've heard regarding my (adorable) dog. "Look at that little dust mop" "What a furry mut" - I cleaned that one up, because it had bad language included also. "he needs a haircut" "he looks like a girl with his hair like that" Okay.. so my dog is like my child, since I don't have any human babies yet. So, why do people think its okay to insult my dog? Would I go up to someone and tell them their son looked like a girl? Would I tell you your child needs a haircut? Probably not to a complete stranger. And I definitely wouldn't insult the child by calling it a mut or something worse than that... It just really bugs me. I have actually told people that they are rude. I wouldn't do that to you, so don't do that to others! So yes, my dog's hair is supposed to be long (its a shih tzu, purebred... googl