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I have a few thoughts for today...the first one is this: Don't you hate it when you go to a website a ga-billion times and its the same... then one day BAM! it hits... the site is different... and you can't find anything and you feel completely stupid and you begin to hate the website itself just because you can't find anything anymore and change is wretched. oh.. or is that just me? Anyhoo... another thought I was having is that you never really know someone until one certain thing happens to them... they become infatuated with someone... some people completely change when they're "madly in lust" with someone. I hate that! Especially girls... they will forsake their friends... and just become a total "biznatch" as my friend Jasmine would say. Why can't people just like someone and not act like a wench? That really irks me about girls... at least guys are just pigs and will talk about how girls are hot and still talk to their friends an