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I have used 319 out of my over 6000 minutes allowed on my cell phone plan for this month. The 6000 includes rollover minutes. However... I have sent & received over 4000 text messages. This may be out of control. I've gotten to the point where I almost hate talking on the phone. So many times there are what seem like awkward pauses and I don't like that. You don't have to really worry about that with texting. Plus, you can send a quick text at work. Part of the 4000 I must say are from my sister. She doesn't currently have a phone, so she texts me through yahoo messenger. We do this quite a bit... so don't think I'm too out of control. Also, I tend not to abbreviate "you" to "u" or "are" to "r." I'm not a prepubescent girl, after all!
So I talked to a friend I hadn't spoken to in a while. I ran into her mom first at the store, and she told me Andrea's car had gotten stolen. I was really surprised. Not because she doesn't have a nice car- she does. However, what happened was this: Her car was stolen and completely totalled. Her purse and ID were in her car but nothing was taken. The police say its personal. A few months back, she got moved from the store she managed to a different store. I would use her words, but they would be pretty offensive if you didn't know her. But basically someone that she managed said that she was racist (completely not true) and the district or regional manager moved her to another store. A few weeks ago I guess she was at a party and this other girl was there. Andrea can barely control her mouth normally and apparently she had a few drinks and ran her mouth a bit. Then... suddenly her car gets stolen and demolished. So now she's moving and eventually nee
Thanks for those of you who inquired about my mom at any given time. She seems to be going better. I didn't get to see her this weekend because I ended up needing to get some things accomplished. However, I hope to go see her tomorrow night. Nothing else really new that is post-worthy with me. I have a really boring life and only have a few minutes until I have to start working again.
This may tick some people off... but I'm not sure that it matters because this is true! People who have children and buy them those stupid heely shoes and let them wheel around in public places are morons. I was (regrettably) at the laundromat yesterday. Although, I must say how nice it is spending an hour and a half doing my laundry rather than a whole day. ANYWAY- These people came in. A couple probably in their 30s- typical Lake Odessa people. They had what I assumed was their daughter who looked to be somewhere between 8-12. She was at first wheeling around them, which was annoying enough. The Lake Odessa Laundromat is pretty small by comparison to most and it can get pretty dang loud in there pretty fast. So this girl starts going around the whole laundromat with these stupid heely shoes. It was so loud it actually hurt my ears to be in there. They said NOTHING to ask her to stop. NOTHING to ask her to stay by them. NOTHING when I got so annoyed by the sheer volum