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Since people have been actually asking me what has been going on in my life (besides basketball and the Pistons SWEEPING the Magic in Round 1 of the playoffs), here it goes. Well, as you know, I have been looking for a job. I have been working as a temp at an insurance company called Foremost Insurance. I am really, really hoping I get in there, because it is pretty easy work, and I have insurance background... oh plus it pays pretty well and I hear the benefits rock. Oh, and there are a lot of chances for advancement. I don't know how long my temporary status will last... but I have been told by the guy who has evaluated me twice that I need to apply. Anyhoo- Besides that other things are going well. There is not too much that I can really talk about on here. I try not to go into too much detail... but things on the relationship front are the same as they have been. Um our cat got hit by a car. Well, one of them (we've seemed to collect a few). Weasel.. the best o
HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE FIRST TWO GAMES OF THE PLAYOFFS! Game One Game Two If you missed that Sheed Buzzer beater, here is a closer look: DEE- TROIT BASKETBALL!!!!!! Here's a top ten of highlights from the first round. Notice NUMBER ONE!
PISTONS GO UP 2-O OVER THE MAGIC! My boys have been rocking out, beating the Orlando Magic by 8 in the first two games. Some highlights: -Orlando has no solution for the Pistons backcourt. -Tayshaun Prince rocks. -The Pistons had 25 assists halfway through game one. -They had three buzzer beaters in game 2. The last one breaking the heart of a lot of the Magic (and made by my man Rasheed... video to come soon). Some other highlights of the playoffs: Golden State best Dallas by 12! Denver wins their first game of their series OVER THE SPURS! Chicago beat the HEAT! FYI- Golden State I think is one team in the west that DEFINITELY has a chance to beat the Mavs in a series. They are the dark horse of the east.
Here is a good reason to HATE some of the NBA officials. I always complain about the shoddiness of certain NBA refs, and you will now get a dose of why I am so outraged. It is high time that many of these officials realize that this game is not about them, its not about their egos, and that people do not watch games to see their ugly faces. By the way, I do agree with the commentator. Tim Duncan is by far not my favorite player in the league, although he is a great player. Is pretty mild mannered in general. Now the rules state that an official can call a technical pretty much at any time during the game, and that any behavior detrimental to the game or any OVERT actions indicating resentment to a call. However, in the video I saw above, it really was very difficult to tell what Tim Duncan was truly laughing at. Maybe he was laughing because his teammate got called for a foul and that teammate knows better than that or something. However the official NBA Rules do say "
I took this quiz.. I don't know how many of you ladies are fans out there, but you should take this quiz. It is "Which Character of Sex and the City are you?" and there are only a handful of questions. Sorry.. I just get bored sometimes... The Real Sex and The City Character Quiz Carrie You are the narrator of your clique. You seem to make sense of what you and your friends experience together and apply it to the larger world. You love people more than anything, well maybe not more than shoes, and although you admit to being very neurotic and a bit too spontaneous at times, you are grounded and have a very good heart. You are generous with your time and money, and maintain your youthful dream for prince charming. Take The Quiz Now! Quizzes by
I am beside myself. I am overwhelmed. I am blessed. Tonight I went to my community choir practice. The woman whom I spoke of previously is in choir with me (I thinkI said that before). Well, I didn't talk to her prior to practice because I was rehearsing with this guy I am auditioning a duet with for our concert in May. Anyway, halfway through practice I was handed an envelope with my name on it. I looked at what was in it and I could tell it was a check. I looked and it was a check for $500. I was so overwhelmed that I teared up in the middle of rehearsal. No one noticed thank goodness. She said something to me after practice about checking into getting my masters and stuff. I am just so overwhelmed because I didn't expect it. I am so grateful that God has provided for me. He is doing something wonderful in my life and I am just... ovewhelmed.
Ok.. so I needed to share a few things (and I don't even know who reads this, but I'm going to venture anyway). So... I started reading this book by Joyce Meyer called "The Confident Woman." I got it for free from my former band director because it was an advanced reading copy he got for promotional purposes for his bookstore. Well, since I've been giving plasma, I found that the time goes by much faster and easier if I read a book. Well, this book talks about living boldly and without fear. God said in His Word 365 times "Do not fear." I think he really meant it. Anyway... this book is making me realize how much fear can run ones life. To be very honest, I'm starting to believe that fear is the reason that I haven't attempted to start my Master's yet. I really, really, want to... but financially it is a problem. Well, God has been putting this on my heart lately. I feel like the reason I'm not finding a job is that he wants me