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I love my life... I had a wonderful day with Davies today... such a good time all around... what kind of man says to you "Thank you for spending time with me today"? A great one.


I really hate when people leave stupid comments on my blog: I just got this today, and no I won't publish it under whatever post it was posted on, but I will show it for what it is: You're right. Your coworker had no right to make assumptions about someone who has twice been charged with counts of child molestation, changed his appearance so as to in no way resemble his former self, and who died of a suspected drug overdose. You had every right to chastise her for stating an opinion. However, it is perfectly acceptable to show the love of Christ to your neighbors by leaving them passive-aggressive notes about taking out their trash. I'm sure the phrase "it's not rocket science" was in no way rude, hurtful or disrespectful and I'm sure it opened many doors for you to show them Christ's love in the future. Standing up for a deceased person that you don't even know doesn't take much effort, but showing the same respect to those nearest to you

Judgemental People/Christians

This past week or so I have been plagued by the fact that people (especially Christians) are so judgemental. I will try to put this into words because this very thing makes me very upset- especially within the Christian community. This is what encouraged this post: A little over a week ago, I was at Uccellos with some friends from work. A girl I worked with said something that most people know better than to say to me. She said that she thought Michael Jackson was "weird." I asked "well, do you know him?" She said no. I said "well, have you ever met him?" Again, she responded with a no. I said "well, then you don't really know, do you?" I can't remember if there was any logic or educated response- she just said "I just think he's weird." I again went through my questions, then said "You and I both know there's One Judge, and you're not He." Of course, as a Christian she had nothing to say in response to