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Why is it that you go into a public bathroom the sink and counters are all wet? This happens at my work, and I don't understand how it can get so ridiculously wet and disgusting when only adults use this bathroom. Not just adults- allegedly educated adults with decent jobs. It makes me wonder (and dread ever seeing) what these people's bathrooms look like. Its so bad, that if you're not paying attention when you go to wash your hands, your entire front of your shirt (or pants, depending on how tall you are) can get completely soaked. I don't understand what is so difficult about hand washing that makes some people not be able to do it in a half-way civilized manner or at least take a paper towel and clean up after themselves after! Come on, people! lol.. this is ridiculous!
I got some amazingly good news this weekend. This is how the story went down: I got a phone call from a friend, and I missed it the first time (of course the one time I get a call I'm out of the reach of my phone). I called her back just a few minutes later. This happens to be a friend whom I used to work with, but we rarely get to talk or spend time together since our work schedules are pretty much opposite of each other. Anyway, I called her back and she had this to say: Her: "So here's the deal: I was supposed to go to Cancun with my friend, and now he doesn't want to go. The tickets are all-inclusive, non-refundable and already paid for. So I was wondering if you wanted to go with me." Me: "Wow... yeah! Well, how much is it?" Her: "Oh, I already paid for it. If I don't find someone to go with me I'll have to go alone, and that won't be any fun. Its all inclusive, and its at a resort, so everything that we'll want to