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Why do my friends from work constantly try to morify me? Its like Stephanie and Jim think that no one else can hear us when we're talking. That's redonkulous! I got that word from Jasmine. I need to call her by the way... her and Anthony went on a cruise last week. LUCKY! I'm lucky enough to be riding with Stephanie on Thursday! I love XM Radio... oh yeah, and Stephanie too... she's pretty cool. I don't even know why I still write in this thing anymore... no one really reads it, even when my life does get a little bit exciting. Well, I think I'm about ready to go home. I've been wasting time in here in the computer room for a good half hour now, and everyone probably thinks I'm actually working.... no- e-mail and blogging does not count as work... DANG IT! I'm boring today. Sorry folks. GO PISTONS!
So this past weekend was an interesting (and fun) weekend. Friday night, after somewhat recovering from getting my 2nd flat tire in 3 days, some of us met at Jim's place for pizza (or "za" as Steve would call it), drinks and a movie. We were going to watch multiple movies, but by the time we all got there, it was pretty late, and only watched one. I had a lot of fun even though I was practically thrown under the bus by a few friends in front of what one might call a delicate audience. Anyway, I think there's definitely a possibility of some exciting stuff to start happening in the office. I'm meeting some cool people (that actually seem like they'll be around for a while), and we're having a good time. Now all I have to do is add some money to that equation and we'll be doing pretty well. And then there was Saturday. I spent half of the day getting tires put on my car, which is good because one needs tires in order to drive a car around. Then
If anyone out there wants to (out of the kindness of their own heart) give me Pistons tickets... that'd be cool. So work is interesting. However, I must say that this friday is going to rock because we're having a Movie Night with "the cool kids" at work and its gonna rock. I did think of one thing... in Michigan, you'd think that people would understand how to drive when it is nasty out (since we have what seems like 6 months of winter here). I saw like 47 cars on the side of the road today on the way to work. People are douchebags.... but its not really a bag so you know. Oh, and now that a guy that I work with who is known as the sped by some of the meaner people in the office is a frickin' freak. He responded to someone asking if we were married by saying "I wish," and it almost made me vomit right in the client's home. He is repulsive. Not just because of the fact that he's completely socially inept, but by the fact that he doesn'
I am so ready for the weekend, baby! Today Is FRIDAY THE 13th! Whooo creepy! Really, I don't care. I'm just so so happy that the Pistons SPANKED the Spurs last night and showed them how to really play basketball. Anyway, I'm ready for the weekend, because this weekend is Dave's birthday and we'll be having a fun celebration tomorrow, but I will also go and sing Karaoke tonight. Maybe I'll talk to Aiden tonight. We'll see what happens. I'm not really expecting much, but it will be an interesting and fun time anyway. I'm so ready for the weekend after I had a wonderfully horrible day yesterday. I had to drive all the way to Ludington for NOTHING. NO MONEY, and a crumby day with a new agent. Oh well. One more day down the drain. Monica, where are you? What's the deal? Why is everyone quitting and/or leaving? Is there some magical company that is paying all sorts of money to their agents, and that's why everyone is leaving? Ju
I still can't decide whether its good or bad when a guy insists that he's not good enough for you and says "you could do so much better than me." Someone please tell me what they think. This is what the new guy in my life said. And for the sake of keeping true to the Sex and the City theme I almost have going on in my blog, we'll call him Aiden. Its almost close to his real name, and although he thinks I'm too good for him, he's a lot like Aiden (instead of Carrie not being good enough for Aiden, he thinks its the other way around). I don't even know if that makes sense. So yeah- Aiden told me I'm too good for him and I deserve better than him. Although, I was even more drawn to him when he told me he's trying to make major changes in his life and asked me to pray for him. I don't know what to think. I don't know that I'm really wanting something serious right now anyway, so we'll see. I'm getting caught doing thi
Whew! What a weekend I had! Some of you would definitely find it hard to believe. Let's talk a bit about New Year's Eve. This was the best New Year's I've had... pretty much ever. I went to Michelle and Shawn's for their NYE Party, which I was hoping wouldn't turn out to suck, even though I never really thought it would. So, It turned out to rock. Michelle had a karaoke machine, and EVERYONE was singing, and it was awesome. Aaron and Dan showed up, and they were the friggin' life of the party. Dan was walking around wearing my boots, and Aaron tea-bagged some parafin wax of Michelle's mom's because he thought it would be awesome (it was pretty funny).... and actually Dan did the same.... they also tried to make copies of their junk on the printer/copier/scanner and get me to help. We couldn't figure out how to work the stupid thing. What else happened that rocked, you ask? Well, let me tell you. My friend Mike who has rarely drank