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Sorry for repetitiveness for those of you who already read this on facebook. This is a post that I recently had on there and wanted to share with the rest of you guys who may not have already discovered the wonderful world of facebook. Love and Stupid people I hate when people say things like "I couldn't help that I fell in love with him/her." Do these people not realize that love is a choice? Sometimes I wonder if these morons realize what love really is. I'm convinced that many don't. Okay- so I'm not married. I'm not even dating anyone right now. However, I'm not hesitant to say I've been in love (some of you think you know who I'm referring to, and you don't), and I know what it really is.Its not stalking someone until they get scared and give in (as my friend Melinda once said). It doesn't make you do things that are emotionally, spiritually or physically bad for yourself, or especially the other person. It is a choice. We choo
Last time I heard, my mom is doing well... just for anyone who might be wondering. I'm planning on going to see her tomorrow before work to see how things are going. I'll let you in on more when I know more. I went and saw "Anne of Green Gables" this weekend at the Michigan Theater. A guy I know was cast in the off-broadway show, and we took two busses full of 97 people to go see him in it. I wasn't familiar with the plot, but I must say I enjoyed it (even though there were a million children there and then the tallest lady in the whole place sat right in front of me). I was glad to go see Justin (Goodemoot) because he is fabulous and was so good. I can't wait to see him in more shows!
I'm not sure what's going on but I have to pick my mom up from the hospital tonight after work. Please keep her in your prayers. Apparently her husband is in the hospital now too. Don't ask me why, because I'm not sure as of yet. A saint was called to Heaven this week. A man from my home church, Mike Richardson passed away this week. His funeral is tomorrow. He is now happy, without pain and with his two great loves, The Lord, and Pearl- his wife.
It turns out my mom was just dehydrated the other day when she was taken to the hospital. I went to see her yesterday (at home) and she was sleeping ... but today I guess she feels better. I'll have to do some research on the bone marrow transplant to see exactly how it works. Chances are I won't be a match. Usually siblings are the best match.
I just found out my mom is back in the hospital and went there today via the ambulance. I'll keep you updated.
I was just informed that my mom will indeed need a bone marrow transplant. Please keep her in your prayers. She's scared, and doesn't want to go back to the hospital. This has all been very hard on her. Its almost hard to believe this has been going on for 8 months. She's had an awful year- with her health, and that affecting her financial well-being. I hate to even say this in the same post, but I guess good comes with bad(and I'm not even sure its bad that she has to get the transplant- maybe that will fix everything). I found out today that my name was drawn for the Suite tickets to the Pistons Preseason game at Van Andel next Wednesday. I was pretty excited about it. Its an expense I wasn't planning on having, but I've also decided to start donating plasma again for some extra cash flow, even though I may not truly NEED it. It always helps. Now I just have to figure out who I'm going to ask to go with me.
I had to write, since the first Pistons preseason game was last night. The Pistons beat the heat 103-86 in their first game this year. I am ready for this season! This pic is the jump ball at the beginning. Sheed is playing center this year (at least now)- but he can pretty much play anywhere. I love him.
This weekend was so fun to see some old friends again and hang out. Its sometimes crazy for me to think of these people as parents...especially after some of the crazy and random stuff we used to do. I only have this one picture- compliments of Deven. This is me and Caleb (a.k.a. Baby Wes). Its a pretty good one I must say. Well done, Swan.
Ok, Deven- I'll bring my harmonicas.
My mom finds out soon if she will need a bone marrow transplant. I hope not! That is just scary to me. She has to go on Long Term disability here soon because she's been off work. I hope she can get back to work soon! I know she's going crazy. I had a long talk with my friend (who is also a pastor) today. I am feeling a little better about my current situation. After talking to him and my friend Charity... I am realizing where I fit into this whole equation. There are people I care about that are making some horrible decisions (aka - sinful ones)-however, if I am the person that calls them out, my motives will be questioned. I have been advised to basically just walk away. I'm not sure if that's necessarily the best advice as far as the situation of the other people involved, but for me, maybe its best. I need to work on me. Just because people in my life have used me, and tossed me aside, all the while acting like my friends, or more- I need to move on. I
My friend is back home... in an odd living situation- but at least has a place to live for her and her two kids. I'm going to seek some advice from a pastor friend of mine about this whole situation (which I have written minimally about). I am very torn. People deserve to know the truth, and I am already being persecuted for telling the truth, and I know I will burn some bridges if I do. Anyway, other than that... there are some other things going on. I am going to be going to IWU homecoming this weekend. Its more about the friends I will see rather than the homecoming events. I'm taking Friday off and going down there, meeting my bestest friend (Amanda Faz) and hanging with her for the night- and then going down to the WU Saturday. Plans are tentative from there, besides going to the homecoming fair and lunch. I look forward to getting on campus, since I haven't been there in three years. Okay.... well, perhaps I should go now. Back to work!