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Baby News: No, I'm not with child! The news is on my sister's baby (my soon-to-be nephew). They are going to enduce her so that she has the baby before the new year. The doctor is wanting to make sure that the baby is getting enough nutrition, so they want to get the baby out. This is about 3 weeks earlier than her due date, so I'm just praying everything goes okay! As for me... Things are ... confusing. I'm still job-hunting... and confused on my relationship status. I have been seeing this guy for a while and he's going through some hard times right now... but I guess I'm just confused about where that leaves us. I'm not sure... and its scary.
I am very upset right now. I helped with a fundraiser today, which actually went very well. That's not the reason I am upset. Afterwards, we cleaned up and hung out for a while. The place we had the function at was a bar. Well, I was sitting talking to a friend about this guy that I've been seeing recently. Well, his ex showed up. Well, she knows very well through her gossipping best friend that I've been seeing him. Well for an extended period of time, she sat there and bad mouthed him. I was disgusted. Not only did she bad mouth him, she made a few indirect insults towards me. I'm not just upset because she was being rude and ridiculous and gossipping, but he has never once said a negative word about anyone- especially her. He has let on that maybe the reason it didn't work out was something to do with her, but I never asked about details, because its not really any of my business at this point. However, I had to fight not to confront this evil woman.
So the secret is revealed: I've been seeing someone ... for a while now. Since before labor day. I have kept it on the down low because... well of many reasons and I wanted to be sure before I said anything. Anyway, all of this for this story and the reason for the graphic. Well, we were talking...about my whole job situation. And he said something that really caught my ear. He was telling me to find a job that I'm going to love... or a career path rather. Anyway- he advised me to find a job that will "bring me alive," - at least I'm pretty sure those were the exact words. It really got me thinking. What kind of career, short of an opera career or something of the like would really bring me to life... would wake up my soul and spirit. What would truly make me happy? Then I got to thinking- I'm sure that nothing I do will truly make me happy unless it is something having to do with music. Music makes me happy- it stirs something within me that nothing else eve