Hot Mess

So I don't understand why women are so crazy.

That's probably something you've never heard a woman say... usually it is men that say some variation of this phrase.

This weekend, I was talking to my friend Pete, and he was telling me about this girl. Basically an older friend of his introduced Pete to his niece. He was apparently trying to get them together. First of all, don't hook up your friends... it's just not a good idea. If it ends badly, its bad for you. If people are attracted to each other (not just physically) they will find each other on their own. Anyway, that's a whole different topic.

So this guy introduces Pete to his niece. They hang out - in a group setting, not just the two of them or anything. They become facebook friends the day they meet as is apparently something that's acceptable. THE NEXT DAY she posts as her status on facebook that she is sitting next to the man who she hopes will "be hers forever." and that he has a "gentleman's touch" (although she spelled it wrong) - and that his hugs cured all of her problems. Are you freaking kidding me? I mean I've hugged Pete, and he does give the world's best hugs - not going to lie. But this is on a whole new level of disaster. Okay, I'll give her a little bit of a pass because she's only 21. However, I'm not sure I would have ever behaved this way at 21. I asked Pete if he led her on. He said no. He hugged her, which he hugs everyone. That first weekend they met, Pete hugged me and she literally came and stood inbetween us afterwards (apparently she thought I was after who she perceived as her man). I just laughed.

The day after she met him, she also purchased him a ring. Not only did she buy him a ring but she attempted to put it on his left ring finger. This is less than a week into knowing this guy. I know Pete is a nice guy, but really? I don't understand. Now she texts him all the time, saying where she is, what she's doing, and if he wants to hang out where she can be found. However, he never responds. Yet, she still keeps sending them!!

Was I ever this clueless? I am starting to hear more and more stories about women behaving this way and I don't understand it. Is it desperation? Is it that they think this is how you win a man? Is it that they think it's their job to do the winning? To me it is the man's job to do the pursuing.

Anyway we were talking about this and another girl we know said to us "What is with all these psycho women men are getting into relationships with?" She looked at me and said "Look at you... what's wrong with you?! You're normal!!" I just had to laugh. Now granted, Pete was never in a relationship with this girl, but apparently she thought they were! I asked him if he led her on, kissed her, anything. He said "I never touched her." I believe him because he has no reason to lie to me.

I just don't get it. Do these women not value themselves enough to realize they are acting ridiculous? Do they not know their worth? Do they just offer themselves up to any available man?

Maybe I am just too proud. I can't ever see any man making me act like this. Thank goodness! These are the types of women that have men believing that "women are crazy." I'm inclined to start thinking so too!!!


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