I will never understand why women are so desperate. Do these women not realize there are a lot of men out in the world? I mean single women always say "There are no good men out there." But those are the women who meet a guy, have sex with him the first day they meet him while in a drunken stupor, and then think that he is wanting a relationship with her. Seriously? Are women really stupid enough to believe what they tell themselves in a case like this? I honestly think that they are looking for a way to excuse their poor behavior and bad decision-making.

I don't act desperate because I'm not. I know I don't have to be. If there is some man that I am attracted to, I'm not going to stalk him, or follow him around. I might hope we will run into each other, but I won't find out where he is and go there... that's just crazy. I'm not going to change my life around to try to "catch" him. Chances are if you change yourself to get someone, even if they were initially attracted to you, they probably won't be anymore. There's a reason someone is attracted to you in the first place. For who you are. And that person hopefully isn't a psychotic stalker!

I wish women would remember for every man who is out there who isn't interested in you, there's a guy who will be interested in you. "But he's really cute!" Who cares. There are a lot of cute guys in the world. And although people will have you believe that there are no available men... there are plenty. "But you should see his body, he's ripped!" Who cares. If that's what you're into, there are lots of ripped dudes out there too!

I just wish that all these desperate women would stop acting crazy and making men think we are all that way. I have met so many men who think women are crazy because of the way these desperate women act. I told my friend "The more desperate a woman is, I think the more crazy she will act."

The whole point of this is very "After School Special." If you (man or woman) are yourself, you will find someone who appreciates that. I think this goes for friends too. I don't have time for people who have to act like they are better than me, or that are nice to my face and then talk about me behind my back. I don't play those games. We're friends or we're not. There's no inbetween.

Know your inner (and outer) beauty. Hopefully all else will fall into place! No need to act crazy.


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