Some stuff definitely went down this morning. All of the sudden, the office manager freaked out and was yelling at everyone. I already felt like I was going to pass out (for some reason), and tried to be quiet.

Then she talked to me and Rae about some sort of negative attitude that she perceived coming from us... whatever. I'm about fed up with it. Instead of being a rational person, she waited until she was so upset by a bunch of little things, that she blew up in front of everyone, and made herself look like the office idiot that she feels like she's being treated like.

I haven't heard back from Big again yet, but we'll see. It hasn't quite been a week, but its exhausting not knowing. I may draft a letter. That seems to be my best way of getting through to him.

I'm completely ready for the weekend. I need to sing some karaoke. I'm completely addicted to karaoke and I think its dangerous. Its a dangerous habit. I guess it could be worse, right?

I'm supposed to go to a Whitecaps game this weekend(minor league baseball for those of you who are not Michiganders). I don't know if I am still going to go. We haven't heard anything about tickets, and I rather not spend any of my weekend with these people if I have to spend the whole week with them too. We'll see I guess.


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