This may tick some people off... but I'm not sure that it matters because this is true!

People who have children and buy them those stupid heely shoes and let them wheel around in public places are morons. I was (regrettably) at the laundromat yesterday. Although, I must say how nice it is spending an hour and a half doing my laundry rather than a whole day. ANYWAY- These people came in. A couple probably in their 30s- typical Lake Odessa people. They had what I assumed was their daughter who looked to be somewhere between 8-12. She was at first wheeling around them, which was annoying enough. The Lake Odessa Laundromat is pretty small by comparison to most and it can get pretty dang loud in there pretty fast. So this girl starts going around the whole laundromat with these stupid heely shoes. It was so loud it actually hurt my ears to be in there. They said NOTHING to ask her to stop. NOTHING to ask her to stay by them. NOTHING when I got so annoyed by the sheer volume that I stopped folding my clothes and just threw them in my basket and walked out, only to have the child wheeling right behind me because I was slowing her down.

Ooooh, I'm sorry that I had a huge laundry basket full of clothes and blankets to carry and my purse and laundry detergent and I couldn't get out of your way since you wheeling around in a public place is soooo appropriate. I'm sorry, but ITS NOT. Those shoes are stupid and annoying. Letting your kids have them and play with them outside on the sidewalk is fine, as long as they're not say-running down the mail man or something. However, when you go to a public place (i.e. Restaruant, bar (someone brought their child in to karaoke once and he was wheeling around in them until midnight... which brings up a complete other issue), store, laundromat,etc.) you should NOT... I repeat NOT let your child wear these shoes. Its bad enough to go to the store and have some children running wild. Its even worse when they're on wheels!

To sum up, heely shoes are fine at home, outside, parks where that sort of thing is allowed (as long as they're not running over the elderly or toddlers) but for the most part keep them at home. There is no reason for them to be in a public place where it is downright disrespectful to let your child speed around in them or any other sort of footwear with wheels. What is this? Facts of life? Are you Tootie? I didn't think so.


Deven said…
I would get onto kids who would heely FIVE FEET in my classroom. UGH!!!
Todd and Micah said…
Oh come on, you know you would love running down an old lady in your heely's :)
Amanda said…
OMG, Michael & I HATE those things...I mean HATE with a passion. I cannot stand it when kids are rolling around on those things out in stores or wherever. I almost took out a little brat who was rolling around in Wal-Mart one night, and her dad said "I told you to watch where you're going" to her. Not, "stop using those," just "look out." Umm...seriously. They should be banned.
Kristen said…
Hey, I might like to run down an old lady or two... or supervisor or two... but it just depends on the old lady. Is she a nice old lady that hands out werthers? Or is she the cranky old lady who hits people with her cane?
Todd and Micah said…
Definitely the cranky old lady :)

Man, I haven't had a Werther's in ages. I want one right now!
Kristen said…
Haha.. reminds me of the blue haired old lady that went to my church back in the day. Once she said hi to me and I didn't say hi back, but just smiled. She punched me in the arm. She was pretty much out of her mind.

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