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Here are some pictures of Isaak... he's so cute! And there's one of Tayshaun. This is one from last night after I gave him a bath... he is so clean and soft now! I think that's why he's giving me a look... he wasn't very excited.
Some pictures for ya... The first two are of Isaak... with his Doggie- Friday. The second one is him just cracking up. The last two are of my baby- Tayshaun. He's so freaking cute! You should see him chase after the cats!

For an update on my mom- Wings of mercy will be flying her, her husband, and My Gramma out to the Mayo clinic March 4. Her appointment is March 5, but she will at least be there for four days. We need prayer with a place to stay and funds to stay out there for my Gramma and my mom's husband. If anyone knows anyone who lives near Rochester (MN) that could help, that would be amazing. If they end up having to stay for a month or longer, that would be really hard on them financially.