So word on the street is that on Saturday at the finals of "Ionia Idol," all the buzz was about how horrible the judging was on Thursday and how the three girls that were advanced shouldn't have been. That is awesome. My mom heard all about it from her boss; you see his soon-to-be son-in-law was the M.C, so he was there. At least those hacks got part of what was coming to them (the judges)- when my Aunt Neen told them that they sucked, and Jeff (Mary's Husband) said something else to them; and perhaps I'll never know exactly what he said.

Anyway it is hotter than hades around here. Yesterday the heat index was something like 105, and normally that would be pretty hot, but then you have to factor in Michigan's humidity. It was so hot, I couldn't even sleep last night. And I loves me some sleepy time. I'm seriously considering investing in an air conditioner for my room. I have to be able to purchase a small one for next to nothing.

I keep getting inappropriate e-mails from some guys that run other agencies of Farm Bureau. I've replied twice, and finally today the guy said he was sorry that it was supposed to go to another guy who has the same last name as I do. What a douche.

Yesterday the Tigers let the Ginger (Shelton) go down to AAA. He's been sucking it up, so perhaps he needs it, but then they lost again last night. Let's hope they get it together.

Is it the weekend yet?


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