Pleasz Roy Daniels, Roy Daniels Grand Rapids, Michigan a.k.a. Mark Roy Daniels

The only reason I am writing this is so in case someone else in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area happens to google this man.

I was seeing this man, Pleasz Roy Daniels, also known as Roy Daniels (he also lies online currently saying his name is Mark Roy Daniels) since January 2013. Yesterday I broke it off with him after looking at his phone. He was talking about marriage, and buying a home together. I looked at his texts and found someone saved in his phone as "My wife." I don't know who this girl is because he came into the room before I could see it. I wanted to warn her that he's been seeing me for 4 months, and I assume he's been seeing her too. I am the one who helped him when he was in trouble a few months ago. He probably told her that he was working when he was with me. The night i found the texts (middle of the night On January 26) - she had written to him "I wish you were home tonight."

I'm watching out for you. I think that he's been talking out of both sides of his mouth, and hope that you don't waste any more time on him than I guess I did.

I wrote the above on 4/27/13. After talking to him, he had convinced me by lying rather craftily that he was not a dirtbag. This is what happens when you want to see the best in people!

I have recently found out that yes, not only did he have more than one girlfriend. He had two other girlfriends. I've been seeing him since January. He has another girl he's at least been seeing that long, and another who he's been seeing for the past 3 months. He also currently has a plenty of fish online dating profile.

I'm writing this as a warning. Hopefully this will come up in a google search. I still haven't finished my business with him (hopefully it will be taken care of today) - but he is a con artist. After having spoken to the woman he has been seeing along with me for the past three months, we have discovered that there were times I dropped him off, and she picked him up somewhere. Also, he tried to get her to drive my car. He got me to drive her car.

I can't even go through and catalog all the lies he told me. Then when I confronted him about this other girl, he said he had her working for him, and that he had never met her in person. Obviously that is a lie, after talking to her. He told HER I was a psycho stalker, even though I have hundreds of text messages from him, mostly of him telling me to call. him.

He told me girlfriend number three works for him. This is not true because girlfriend number two (of course I'm considering myself number one in this scenario) found him with her and asked her if they were dating. She never answered, but when she was told that he was also dating number Two, she burst into tears. Apparently she was upset that he wouldn't move in with her. Although he tried to get me to move into an apartment or a house with him and took me to go look at several apartments, condos, and even houses.

Oh he also talked to me when he was in the bed of Girlfriend #2.

Things that I have done for this man:
-Helped him with documents for his business
-Landscaped his Adult Foster Care home
- Helped get him out of jail when his ex girlfriend put him in jail for "false allegations" (according to him)
-Put money in his spending account when he was in said jail for him to call me, which when he did call, he called collect and it cost me 15 dollars each time.

I'm just hoping to do a public service. If you date someone online, google them immediately. Find out their real name and google them. If I had googled him before we went out for a month, I would have known he had a criminal record and ended it before it began.

Be careful out there! If I was less naive I might have given him my personal information like another girl I know did - he got her SSN and DOB to "Help her with her credit." Supposedly she was paying him. Maybe she's girlfriend number 4!!!

Don't apologize to me on this saying I'm sorry this happened to you (in the comments). I know that I'm better than a lowlife like this and he's out of my life as soon as I get my tires back for my car.

UPDATE: I have learned as recently as August 2016 that he is still doing a lot of these same things. People don't change. If you're seeing this you had a fair warning at least, which is more than I can say for myself.

Update July 17, 2017 - This weekend I received a message from a woman that he did date behind his wife's back.   He is still married. And from the comments on this post, has apparently 2 kids under 1 year old (by women that are not his wife). I have created a public facebook group for women to post warning other women about this man. The group's name is "Roy Daniels Online Dating Warning/Awareness Group". I encourage you to join and post anything you want to warn other women about this man. Let's stop him from continuing his disgusting habits.


bree middleton said…
Thought you should know how thankful I am of your post. I met him on match and we were just talking about meeting up for dinner. This is exactly why I Google people! What an idiot he is. Thanks again!
Kristen said…
I am glad that it has helped even one person. I wasted too long on that sad excuse of a man.
Sasha said…
Wow! He sent me flowers during that time period. Was calling me texting me asking me to move in with him. He told me to google him and when I did I freaked. He smoothed it over saying it was his dad not him. I lived much too far for him to really catch me up much but he didnt step it up out of fear of my ex who put his foot down and protected me. Crazy ladies this woman is not lying.
Unknown said…
OMG this is crazy! I met him not too long ago an we have been hanging out all the time!
Anonymous said…
I am currently seeing this man and I'm glad I decided to Google him wow thanks for posting this
Anonymous said…
I am currently seeing this man and I'm glad I decided to Google him wow thanks for posting this
Anonymous said…
He is a major CON ARTIST and should be in prison.
iwusinger said…
@Anonymous, I'm sure it's only a matter of time before he is back in prison. He constantly was using credit cards, then reporting it as fraud, even though it wasn't fraud.. I'm sure eventually he will get caught.
Anonymous said…
Is this recent this year
Anonymous said…
I was seeing him in 2015 not anymore wondering if I can get closure ND know who else was seeing him
Anonymous said…

He is a major CON ARTIST and should be back in prison for a long, long time.

Women, don't fall for this sub-human.
Victim no more said…
I was dating him 2015-2016 and found out that he had a wife after having a child by him. Please get this scum off of the streets. He is living a double life and needs to be exposed and locked away.
Anonymous said…
I hope the law has caught up with him and that he is heading back to prison for a very long time.
Anonymous said…
Yep he's still at it. Word is he now has 2 new babies under age of 1 by two different women. And he's still married. Be AWARE He's still on dating sites!
Anonymous said…
He has been doing this since at least the mid 90s. I was a victim of his as well. He took my most prized virginity and my heart. I found out he was cheating on me with at least 3 other woman. KEEP AWAY. If your seeing him run as fast as you can away!
Jane said…
I landed here after seeing a Craigslist Ad for house for rent (the Martin St address which wasn’t put in the CL ad, but he did put his ph #). I’m trying to find a reasonably priced, safe place for my college age son to stay for 6 months. Thanks to 6 years of playing online detective due to my experience w/ a “Mr Duplicity’, I found the Martin St address, his name (and aliases), the criminal charges & then I found this blog. (Granted, I could have stopped at the criminal charges, but old habits die hard, I kept going).

I just wanted to add this so if any prospective future tenants/roomers find this blog they will know the type of person he is. (I read he cannot
operate an Adult Foster Facility, but I’m shocked he is, as of Oct, 2018, allowed to rent rooms out).

My best to all the women who validated each other in the comments & thank you for the info on this guy.
Anonymous said…
If you bitchs wasn't so thirsty and did your homework in the first place you want to be sitting here doing this dumbass s*** you need to get a life this is from a family member if I was him I would sue all of you for slander each and every one of you have benefit from knowing this man get you s*** together just mad that he's living good and you're not and I know who wrote this everyday you look in the mirror what the hell do you really see cuz you scared the hell out of me
iwusinger said…
Dear Anonymous,

Please learn to construct a sentence and then comment back.

No one here has benefited from knowing this man. He stole my tires, I put money in his account so he could make calls when HE got arrested for aggravated stalking, while he had 2 other girlfriends, all of which he lied to, while he ran an illegal adult foster care business.

Nothing that is actually true could be considered slander. Public record - he is a convicted felon, and the other charges I'm sure are also public record.

I also didn't realize living well meant that he's getting his wife and every other woman he meets pregnant. But I guess living well means a totally different thing to me.

This was posted years ago.... and you come here now with your ignorant, poorly constructed comments thinking it's going to make any of us look bad? You make yourself look bad, and uneducated.

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