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This guy in this picture is probably one of the safest guys around.

I saw this picture, and I have no idea what his sign says, but this is a hilarious picture anyway. Hilariously Redonkulous.

I needed to try to make myself laugh today. Its been an excruciatingly long day and its not even 2:00 in the afternoon yet. Sometimes I just loathe working and my working situation... usually it is okay- but when one has a boss that is never able to communicate with them without using a middle-man, it can be rather frustrating. Here is my line of thinking: If you have something to say to me, say it. Don't beat around the bush, don't sugar coat it, just be honest and say whatever you have to say in a respectful manner, and I'll be okay with it. However, when people can't seem to acknowledge my existence or treat me in a disrespectful way (no matter how much older they are than I am), I find that completely unacceptable, especially from someone who is supposed to be in authori…
Ever had a $2000 check bounce? I have... because my claim money still hasn't gotten here from totalling out my car, AND to add insult to injury, the stupid dealership that I got my NEW DODGE STRATUS from cashed my check- after they said they'd hold it until I got that check from my insurance company. Granted, it shouldn't have taken this long for them to get me the check, because my claims adjuster is apparently stupid and couldn't obtain a police report (for those of you who don't know, they're super easy to get- right on your own computer at home even) and therefore they didn't send my check til this week. So now I probably will have the pleasure of a not-so-nice call from my dealer about it. Well, not completely my fault. They did give me the car and say they would hold the check until I called and gave them the Ok. I would have kept driving my Uncle's car for another 2 weeks gladly. I sure hope I receive that check tomorrow, or I'm going …
Here are some pics from the Pistons/Timberwolves game last week. Don't act shocked that a majority of them are of Rasheed Wallace!

There is my favorite RASHEED!

Get your hands off my man Garnett!

Look how close I was to Rasheed!

Here are some pics from the Tiger win the other night. For those of you who might believe that Kenny Rogers is a cheater, I really don't believe he was using pine tar that day on his hand. He's too old and too experienced to do something that stupid and that noticable. It was dirt, get over it!

Good old Sparky throwing out the first pitch! Gotta love that guy!

Let me tell you why this picture of the catcher is awesome. Sean Casey (Tigers) leaned into a pitch and then the ball hit Molina (Cardinals Catcher) square in the junk. That is hilarious to me! Ouchie! (Its below).

Kenny caught a line drive right near the ground. I think I smell another Gold Glove for him...

I love it when The Gambler gets all fired up after he strikes people out. And by the way, how could it be pine tar if he continued to pitch incredibly after the umpire asked that his hand be cleaned off... since it was dirt. Seriously.
To answer Kristi's question- no I was unable to make John Paul's wedding. I don't really want to make excuses for myself but here was my reasoning: I looked it up on mapquest, and realized that I would be driving 10 hours in one day to spend what... 3 or 4 hours at a wedding. As much as I really really wanted to be there, and it broke my heart not going, I could not justify driving 10 hours in one day for that. Plus I would be driving by myself, so that was unappealing because I felt like I would fall asleep. The other reason that I didn't want to drive all that way was because I have been feeling under the weather since Friday. Maybe its because I spent all night out in the cold at my brother's football game but I'm just not sure. I slept my weekend away though, so hopefully that will help!

I am so heartbroken that I couldn't go. I haven't seen JP in so long and I really wanted to meet his bride. I guess I missed out... and perhaps I'll hav…
So I have the pleasure of attending the wedding of a good friend of mine this weekend. Yes folks, John Paul Churchill is getting married! Don't get me wrong- I am completely happy for him and what I'm sure is his lovely bride. However, I loathe going to weddings alone. Yes, that's right- Kristen's going to attend yet another wedding alone. That kinda sucks. Oh well- its the story of my life!

For those of you who don't know John Paul, you're missing out. He's one of the greatest friends I've ever had and just a great all around person. I am so happy that he found a presumably nice girl to marry. I've never met her, so even though I am sure she is nice, I had to put the "presumably" in there. I talked to John Paul around... oh April or something like that... and he had told me that he was seeing someone and that they were getting married... they weren't officially engaged yet, but the wedding would be this year. Well, I finally…
I could have peed. Yes, seriously.

I went and saw the Pistons play the Timberwolves (with Kevin Garnett) last night at Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids. I was freaking out. I was standing so close to Rasheed. Now, I must admit, it was probably about 8 feet away, but still... it was RASHEED.

I got a lot of pictures (4 rolls of film) of the different team members, most of Rasheed probably, but I was too excited to keep track of how many pictures I was taking.

Here is a description of how close our seats were: There's the courtside seats, row A, and Row B on the floor. My seats were in row B, right by the basket. I can't wait to get my pictures back and look at them all. They may have turned out like crap, but I think I got a few good ones at least. I still can't believe I was THAT CLOSE to the Detroit Pistons!

I'll post pics when I get them back next week!
You Are a Bright Star SoulLike a shining star, you have no trouble being the center of attention. In fact, you often feel a bit hurt when all eyes aren't on you. You need to be number one in everything, no matter how trivial. And it's this ego that both hurts your confidence and helps you acheive.
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What Kind of Soul Are You? I took Mike Cline's advice and took the quiz about my soul. You should do it! It doesn't take very long and it is interesting. Let me know if you think mine is right, what yours is, and if you think yours is accurate! Other update especially for Megan. I love her. She is like the blog police. She always lets you know when…
Who cares about me? The Tigers swept the Oakland As and are going to the World Series for the first time in 22 years!

Bonderman and Inge rock out!

Placido and Curtis did their part in the game. I wish I had a pic of Placido jumping up and down while running the bases after Mags hit the home run. He was so cute leaping around like a deer!

Carlos Guillen is hot!

I have to admit. I almost cried when Magglio hit the home run that will go down in history. He hit it in the 9th inning with 2 outs!

Celebrate good times, come on!

They are getting pretty good at this champagne thing!
Todd Jones soaks it all in after the big celebration.