So for those of you who have voiced your concern for my obsession with "basketball" Or "players," let me clarify. Its isn't just basketball... its DEEEETROIT Basketball- i.e. Detroit Pistons basketball... and my favorite player has a name Amanda Livezey Faz. His name is Rasheed Wallace- a.k.a. Sheed... a.k.a. The Great Wallace of Detroit. Yeah, you've heard of The Great Wall of China, but nothing compares to The Great Wallace of Detroit. I'm telling you, he is fantastic- and if you know anything about Basketball, he's dynamite on the court.

Plus he's super tall... and I love that.

And For Megan, like many people, did not know that I loved basketball until now, here is why: I have grown up around people who love and watch sports pretty much my whole life. Back in the day with The Pistons Bad Boys and the whole rivalry with the Chicago Bulls... loved that stuff. We watched all the games (all the ones we could in the days when we lived out in the boonies without cable TV). Anyway, I realized that I got too emotionally caught up in it, and got away from it for a long time. I was away at college, so it was easy not to think about it, with other things on my mind. But in the past two years, I've come back around. I still get too emotially wrapped up in it, but its okay now... I mean, yes, I did cry when the Pistons lost and did not advance to the NBA finals for the first time in a few years, but I'm over it. They had the best season in franchise history, so I got over it. I still love the Pistons, and I'm still going through withdrawals from last season. I can't wait until they start again. There's a preseason game coming up that is about 30 minutes away from where I live and I am watching for tickets to go on sale. I don't think my heart can handle it though... being there, live.

I have to stop talking about it, because I'm getting too excited.

Anyway, I went camping with my family this weekend. It pretty much sucked, then my cousin made me angry and I left at 9:30 Saturday night. Then I went to karaoke when I got home (about 11 pm) and not only was I right- Aiden had shown up at karaoke and I had missed him (he broke his foot again by the way- I think he needs to drink more milk), but a girl I went to high school with and used to teach me voice lessons was there too. That was weird to see her there.

One guy that comes there every so often was there sitting with Dar and Mark and Joy- his name is Loren. He's a cowboy, and I often pick on him calling his shirts "blouses," mostly just because it bothers him. I had my pink purse, and I placed it on the table when I sat down. He said something like "wow, that is a pink purse!" so I just put it on the floor. Then he said "Hey, put that thing back up here, let me look at it some more!" So I did. He and his friend proceeded to pet it and say "Yeah, that's nice, I like that." I might just want to take it home with me. It was just funny how enthralled they were acting about my purse. Probably not as funny typed as it was when I was there, but still- I was cracking up.


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