Ok okay, I'm "unconvinced."

However, I will say, in reference to Mike's comment (a.k.a. Sniper), that although I still shop there, working for Walmart sucks. I used to work there- for nearly 4 years when I was in college, and it was not fun. I loathed working there. The only good thing that came out of it was that I met a lot of really good friends there, and I did meet the guy known as "Mr Big" working at that Walmart. He actually hadn't been inside a Walmart since he got relieved of his duties there- until recently. He went inside with me, and let me tell you, was everyone in that store gossipping about that one. Some of them know the history, and they were probably a bit shocked.

I've been thinking a lot about Big today. Sometimes I have way too much time to think on my hour long lunch. Like I've probably said before, I often go to the park for my lunch, especially when it turns out to be a gorgeous day like today. I think, I write, I swat away bees. Its interesting what kind of thoughts one has when they are alone. I guess it helps you to also get in touch with who you really are.

We've had an interesting week at the office. Our front (part-time) receptionist came in drunk on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. She called in today saying she has a bladder infection, and therefore can't keep anything down. First of all... I don't know if any people that are reading this have ever gotten a bladder infection, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't cause you to throw up. I've never heard of that side effect in my life. Also, I guess her former boyfriend and neighbor said had already talked to the girls here and told them that all the tests they ran at the hospital came back negative, and that last time this happened the doctor said it was a liver problem from all the alcohol abuse. However, our boss apparently somehow won't believe that's it. Maybe he'll believe it if she dies from it. I really think that's how bad it would have to get for him to open his eyes. I can't imagine how it must feel to choose to be that ignorant.

Tonight is my brother's second football game of his senior year. They lost miserably in the first game (to a team they've beaten something like 5 years in a row), and now they have to play another really good team. Oh well, whether or not they win, I'll be there cheering for him (and holding signs that say "Go Lambchop" and "that's my brother."

The Tigers pulled off a win last night in the 9th inning. I got frustrated with the fact that they blew a 2-0 lead and quit watching in the top of the 9th. Well, their last at-bat, Craig Monroe hit a 3 run home run and they won the game. That's what I get for lack of faith.

Well, its probably a good idea to get back to work. I will write again later... unconvinced.


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