So I can't hold it back anymore.

My office manager is a nazi. I can't even type the words that come to mind when I think of her, because I get so angry. She is on this major power trip, and it is out of control.

This morning, she asked me if I did a quote (for auto insurance) yesterday. Now, since I am the only one at the front in the afternoon, I need to prepare all the deposits, the mail, and perform my other duties as Bonnie's assistant, I sometimes forget to tell her if I did a quote by the end of the day. Well, apparently I didn't do it correctly, mostly because I was informed incorrectly, and instead of the crazy bizzle coming to me and asking me, she asks Bonnie what I did. Now, how does this make sense to you? Then she comes over to me and talks to me like.. oh probably how I would talk to an infant. That really makes me angry- for the lack of better words (or less furious words).

I guess some people don't know how to speak to another human being with respect. That doesn't really make sense to me, because I was raised better. Apparently, this woman, and my sister were not raised that way. Or at least could care less.

Then I just had to attend a "meeting," that was her saying the same thing approximately 47 times. That drives me nuts.

I think I'm going to sing Karaoke tonight. They're having it on Thursdays now, and I need something to make myself feel better about his waste of a week.


Kristi Fields said…
Kristen, I can totally relate to your nazi co-worker. There was a lady at my last job who tried to make my life hades on earth for 4 years. After putting up with it for 2 of the 4, I #1) started praying for her as difficult as it was. God really changed my heart, #2) when she would tick me off, I would laugh - in her face - until she was the one fuming. I no longer let her get the best of me. It's good to hear from you, my dear! Hope your day gets better! :)
How terrible! That is the worst. I hope you had fun doing Karaoke tonight! Singing always helps :)

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