So my life was boring the past few days.

I spent last evening with my friend Kim. After she got out of work, and I had already spent too much money at Walmart, she needed to go "grocery shopping," which actually didn't happen, so I rode with her. We went to the real Walmart in Ionia. We had a good time and I got to fill her in on everything that's going on with Mr. Big and my past weekend.

Then I asked her the question. Not "will you marry me," but another one. I asked her what she thought of the whole Big situation. Now, to make this clear to my friends who don't know her, she's in her 30s, and she's been married for something like 20 years. And she said something to the effect of (I'm trying to think of an appropriate way to say it- because she used more colorful language than I can here)- "he needs to either use the bathroom or get off the pot." I told her I agreed, and that was pretty much what I had said to him at the beginning of the summer, so perhaps this is something that is a positive thing. Maybe he's finally ready- unless he's not of course. And I told her that I know I won't be getting married to him either way anytime soon, because he's got to graduate from college.

Anyway, enough of that. So then when we were at walmart, I decided to buy myself a dozen roses. Mostly because they were pretty and they were on sale. They're at my desk right now and they're beautiful. This morning some lady said "those roses are beautiful, someone must love you!" It really wasn't a reaction from others that I was going for, but I said, yeah, I must love myself. She kinda laughed.

The more I think about it I wonder if Big shows up here if he's going to think they're from someone. Not that he wouldn't just come out and ask- because he would. I just don't want people to think that's why I got them.

I could sit at my desk and smell these flowers all day. They smell so good and are so beautiful.

Yesterday on my lunch I went to the park in town and started away on writing. Something I used to do a lot was write poetry. Especially when I needed to let some sort of emotions out that's what I would do. Mostly in high school. I even was published once. I started writing some stuff, and I was surprised at how quickly I was able to express myself that way. I had forgotten how easily it came to me. Not that I'm saying this poetry is any good, but at least it helps me to sort through things. Writing has always done that for me. I forgot that at one point in high school I wanted to major in writing. I bet its a bit hard to believe for some people to believe, but its true.

Someday when I get extremely brave I might post some of my stuff. Its not really that good, but if I want to get uber-vulnerable or extremely adventurous, I'll do it.


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