Today was my last insurance class. I have a lot of studying to do before Tuesday! It was overall a decent experience, besides some of the idiots who asked the most moronic questions. I went to a basketball game tonight and Lakewood kicked Dewitt's butt. SPANKED 'EM! The final score was around 68-41. The lead was never less than 10. Sadly, I could shoot better than their whole team. Our team rocked. The only reason we didn't win by more was that the refs were kinda dumb. We were on FOX 47 though, and they called Lakewood one of the best cheering sections around. That was cool!

I have nothing else. I am OUT.


dert807 said…
Yo. This is Jasmine. I just wanted to let you know that I talked to Andrea tonight at work and she's going to bring me your movies so that you can get them back eventually when you come get the rest of your stuff. I'll tell you more of what she said later...BYE! :)

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