So, today was pretty boring. All I did was go for a run, study, watch TV and crochet. I'm almost done with my blanket! I'm pretty excited. This one is the best blanket I've ever made. Too bad I just realized that my planned bedroom scheme will not really go with the blanket. Oh well, I'll find somewhere for it. I'm going to make a blanket for someone else next. Now that I have the task mastered, I can start giving them away! I mean, I've made scarves for my friends before, but that's different. They're much smaller and take about a day to make. I've been crocheting this blanket for about a year and a half (on and off).

I have a long, probably boring weekend ahead of me. I'm going to be studying for that insurance class that begins bright and early at 8 AM on stupid Valentine's day. Ugh- I am not looking forward to that day. Every year I pray to God that it will be my last year alone without my Valentine. Then, for once, I would not hate valentine's day and all it stands for, because I would actually have a reason to celebrate it.

Well... I am boring tonight. I'm going to watch Leno and hopefully finish that blanket.


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