So I pretty much am sick and tired of Valentine's day already and it hasn't even gotten here yet. I loathe Valentine's day, and I don't think I've ever had a good Valentine's day in my entire life. The one time I was dating someone during Valentine's day, I got a plant. He said he got me the plant because "flowers die, and I wanted to get you something living for your room." It died within the next week. When I told him, he said (and I quote), "It was just a cheap walmart plant." I could have punched him in the throat. Oh well, the important thing is that I didn't, right? Sometimes I wish...

I friggin' hate valentine's day. Its also known as "Single Awareness Day" to those of us who don't have some sort of admirer. I wish I even had some admirer like I used to have at walmart- Imbred ugly and disgusting. At least it'd be something. Ha!

Some guy that we think was probably missing a few brain cells in one way or another told my friend at walmart (after he asked her out and she lied and said she had a boyfriend) that he thought I was gorgeous and asked if she thought I would go out with him. She (thankfully) told him I wasn't looking for a relationship. He was special. I'm pretty sure he was probably mentally challenged.

Did I mention how much I LOATHE valentine's day. I'm totally not looking forward to it. At least I'll be at that class thingy at the Grand Rapids WMU campus. Perhaps there will me no hint at all of valentine's day. With my luck, there would be no hint of the day, then I'll get home and my mom will say "Happy Valentine's Day!" Wahoooo should I be happy about it for some reason?!

Did anyone ever notice that the abbreviation for Valentine's Day would be VD? Coincidence? I think not! I'm so clever sometimes. I friggin' crack myself up.

Perhaps I should get in the spirit and actually give away Valentine's Day cards. Ehhh... probably not. Am I the only person who hates it when people say "valentimes"? I HATE THAT SO MUCH! I want to tell them to learn how to read the alphabet. It is not that difficult! UGH!

I'm a bit long-winded tonight. I'm not exactly sure why. Maybe its from being stuck here at home practically all day today, besides the few minutes I took to go out for my run/walk. I say "run/walk" because I do both. I don't want to mislead people into thinking that I'm out training for a marathon. I think a marathon would be one heck of an achievement, but it would be terribly boring to do! Running can be so boring! I would have to have a backpack full of CDs, and quite a few rest stops (as in, I would have to go to the bathroom often).

Leno kinda sucks tonight. Good thing its almost time for Conan! I friggin' love him! I'm done with my random ranting for the night.


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