So today was my first session of my insurance class. It wasn't too bad, the stuff isn't that difficult... its just a lot of information. If I can pass Music History with Dr. Kindley, I can pass this test. The worst part of the test is that there are questions that don't even count, but you don't know which ones they are. So, if you get them right, it doesn't count. Pretty gay if you ask me.

I think I may have made a friend already. The girl who sat next to me- her name is Katie- is really nice. She seems pretty cool and we shared a few laughs already. We will be working together at Bankers if we both pass the test! She reminds me a lot of Nicole. She was even a history/poli sci major AND was wearing pointy shoes. How about that?!

Well, I should go now... CSI: Miami is on AND I need to review my notes for today!


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