So here's the thing. What kind of job tells you that you have to pay for something with a credit card? So basically here is the moral of the story :that is stupid. As if it is not enough that in order to work for this company, I have to take this week long class and pass a test in order to get my insurance selling license or whatever... and I have to take some test, but they won't let me pay for it in cash???? They don't accept cash, so you know. What kind of company/school does not take cash? This seems shady to me. So in order to pay for this, I am probably going to have to buy one of those pre-paid american express credit card/travelers check thingies- which costs an extra 15 dollars just to get it, and I have to put at least 300 dollars on THAT and the class only costs just over $200. Arg. Frustration abounds.

I had a Choral Society party thingy tonight. It was kinda to get to know people and what not. We played musical bingo which I had never thought of. I thought that was interesting.

That is enough ranting for now. Maybe later I'll go off about the Jackson trial. And don't forget- the state of the union is on wednesday. Now I'm done.


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