Yes, you guessed it. I am pretty angry right now. I was just informed that starting December 11, my hours at work will be cut to 12:30- 5... cut in half. Now, maybe it wouldn't have been such a big deal a few months ago, since I was about to pay off my car, and not have to worry about that payment... however, I crashed the stupid thing and had to buy a new car... which means a new, higher car payment. Also, its right before Christmas. I really didn't want to have to give out crumby presents out for Christmas again this year (last year I was going through a huge commission problem- LONG story). Anyway, so right before Christmas, and right after I buy a new car, they want to cut my hours down. Not get rid of the girl who cas come in to work drunk more times than I can count and doesn't do anything... but me. The girl who could do both of our jobs even if I lost an arm in a tragic seagull accident. I need prayer. I am one bad day away from just going postal on half of the people I work with.
Now I need to figure out what is next. I was going to start job hunting anyway- which really isn't a great thing- seems how its Christmas and that's not the best time to try to find a job, unless its retail, which I hate. I would hope it would really make someone that I work with feel bad to go into a retail store and see me working nights there.
Well I've also already told the owner of the townhouse that they need to teach me how to bartend since I am always there singing karaoke anyway. They were in a jam the other night and I told them that I would be willing to help if it got busy like that again. The owner told me that would be great and seemed pretty excited about it. Who knew? Kristen could bartend? I don't know, we'll see. Maybe I just want the power to cut people off and kick them out.
Please keep me in your prayers- that I find a job that will help me NOT get my car repossessed. I really would not enjoy that. I was just starting to catch up (from May- yes- I was far enough behind from working on commission that it has taken me this long to try to get things under control)- and now I'm screwed. I need to find a job. I wish I had a place that I could teach private lessons from, but I don't. Stupid living my a lake and not having a basement.
So anyway- I'm not sure how much of this I can take. Let me list the things that have happened to me in the past few months:
-Got my hours cut (a few months ago- cut 5 hours a pay period)
-Crashed my car after hydroplaning in rain
-Had a flat tire a week later while borrowing my Uncle's car
-Had to pay for the flat tire to be replaced although it was NOT and I repeat NOT my fault
-They totalled out my car
-Had to purchase a new car with one payment left on the old one
-Got pulled over my a very agressive state trooper in said new car and got a ticket (15 over)
-Got scolded for using office paper (it wasn't that bad, but come on people, its paper!)
-Got hours cut from over 34 hours a week to somewhere around 23 (while having new car payment for said new car).
I need prayer. Did I already say that? I am so down right now that I don't know what I'm going to do. I need to find a new (good) job that pays me what I deserve or find a rich boyfriend. Okay- so my money's on finding the new job... but a girl can pray for whatever she wants right? Sorry- that was my attempt to be funny when I am once again on the verge of tears.
Sometimes life really sucks. Especially when all of your friends that are so good at helping you through tough times aren't around.


The McCallums said…
I hope that everything will work out for you. We will keep you in our prayers!!

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