My boys go to work tonight against the New Orleans whatevers. I am stoked about this game, because they had a bad first road trip- and they need to get the ball rolling. Haha.. or bouncing in the case of basketball. Don't want to travel! The only people allowed to travel are Dwayne Wade and Lebron James.

Anyway- I tried to post something yesterday, but to my frustration, it "magically disappeared." I hate when that happens! It wouldn't be so bad if I actually remembered what the heck I was talking about, but I don't... it must not have been that exciting or important.

So I was telling my mom and my brother all the people I know that are pregnant (or have recently had a baby) the other day. My brother told me "well you had better get crackin' then!" Don't worry- I don't plan on having any illegitimate children. I told him that he's dumb and to shut up. No, that's not exactly what I said, but I told him that I'm not having any babies just because everyone else I know is having them. I've never been that huge into peer pressure. Sorry guys.

I recently started a new addiction: Myspace. I never really knew what myspace was all about, but my friend Andrea had invited me, so I finally did it. I spent hours looking for people I went to high school and college with and found some people that I had actually recently been wondering about. I am stoked about the whole thing. I am totally addicted though. I check my stupid myspace every day, seeing if any more of my friend requests have gone through. Its ridiculous. I am out of control.


Yeah i was suckered into getting a myspace page too but i had all the fun making the page now it just sits there because i blog on here. But i ran into some people from my high school and my grade school!! I got them on my friends list and thats about it. I dont get many invites for friends. Its probably because of my picture everyone says i look too mean. LOL

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