Rasheed didn't get any technicals in last night's game! Yay! Although Rip and Chauncey both did (bunk).

What is going on in my life? No word from the Private Investigator again, and I keep "forgetting" to call him. Actually, I have been forgetting, because I've had lots of other things on my mind.

I may have a "date" this weekend. Good times. I also had another guy try to ask me out for this weekend. I had to tell him I had a date... plus, I'm not all that interested in the dude I ended up turning down. Oh well, such is life. I'm trying to cut down on guy drama, not add to it! I don't like dating multiple guys at once, especially ever since I actually did it and it was not all it was cracked up to be. Really- its not.

Have I mentioned how much I love the show LOST?! Last night I was freaking out because it was so good. OH my gosh! Now there are no more new episodes until the beginning of the year?! I can't handle that! How dare they leave me hanging like that! Well, I guess its better than last season when there was one new episode, 47 reruns (nice use of 47, huh?) and then another new episode. That was redonkulous.

By the way, my mom said redonkulous yesterday.... weird.

I think I'm going to start something new, and I hope it doesn't blow up in my face and make me feel like a huge loser. This is what I'm going to do. I'm going to start asking for opinions from the approximately 1 1/2 people that read my blog. Here's the question of the hour: What do you think of online dating or meeting people to date online? Honestly.


I'm not a big fan of it but i probably would go and meet someone only after i have been talking to them for quite some time. Usually after some time they get comfortable with you chatting and you can see how thir personality really is. My sister was a big talk to someone for a week go meet them person untill she met up with someone who i dont think was mentalty stable. So i say go for it but only if you really really feel comfortable meeting them and since its not really a date since your just meeting them maybe take some friends and make it a group gathering that way if it dosent work out you have someone to talk to or perhaps keep a convo going. And if you have to lay a beat down, you have someone to tag in and jump off the top rope while you have them in a head lock. \i have never dated someone from online though so im not a expert on the subject. There is someone i do want to meet but im eaiting a while longer. Just be careful to all those who do.

Deven said…
Honestly, freaks me out. STRANGERS!! Shouldn't that set off a series of alarms in people's heads? While I know that not everyone is scary and dangerous, the unknown is enough to make me want to stick to familiar territory. But who knows...
I'm the 1/2 person commenting about the online dating thing. Here's my list of opinions.

Opinion #1- You shouldn't be such a tramp. :) FYI- I'm kidding.

Ok, so my list consisted of one opinion. Now I'm going to do a pro/con list of online dating;


1. You can ask them if they have malaria before you date them. It's basically proven that malaria puts a damper on a relationship.

2. Unless you drink alone at home in front of the computer, you'll probably make the decision to date someone when you're sober. The advantages of this don't even need to be listed.

3. You could end up with a psycho killer. Now, you may be asking why this is listed as a 'pro'. Let me tell you... Hollywood has proven that psychos can be way hot. Think Mark Wahlberg in "Fear" and Skeet Ulrich in "Scream. Way hot.

Okay, but seriously, now I can't think of any cons.

I'm no help. Just do it.
Kristi Fields said…
Mixed reviews: I tried it through eHarmony for a little while. But I found that the men they matched me with were just like the ones I was meeting else where. In my opinion, men around our age are still looking for "something better." Not necessarily what is a good match for them, but they seem to still have that wandering eye for what else is out there. I gave up after around six months. There were only three or four men (out of the 75 they matched me with) that I was really interested in. We went through all the levels of communication and we started emailing. But it seemed to fade pretty quickly. One guy asked for my phone number and I gave it to him, but he never called. If someone doesn't want to date me, that's fine. I'm a big girl and can handle it, seriously. But just be honest with me about it! Don't just stop communicating and drop off the face of the earth! If I wanted to be ignored, I would not have attempted online dating in the first place. I would have saved myself $50! (stepping off soapbox now) :)
On the other hand, a friend of mine from Nashville, TN, is getting married in June 2007 to a woman he met online. So I guess it depends on who you ask. So there - my two cents. :)
Kristen said…
And on the other hand you can have someone drop off the face of the earth when you date them and you didn't meet them online... Like when I was dating Zac and all of the sudden he just stopped calling and returning my calls. That really ticked me off, and I'm sure I'd have a hard time being nice to him if I ever happened to run into him. I kinda hope I do...
Amanda said…
Okay first of all, I don't know who Jasmine is, but you sound hilarious and I like you already, LOL! Second of all, I believe I have already shared more than enough of my opinion of the online dating thing with you, but the only other thing I have to say is, at least he's not 52! Muahaha. (If we were still roomies, I'd be running away now, holding a protective device over my head).
Have fun on your date. About online dating, my brother is dating a girl he met online, she was local though. They've been together almost a year and she is a sweetheart, they will probably get married eventually. But he didn't go through a service or anything, they were in a chat room together or something like that (?) I'm sure there are ways to do online dating that are safer than others.

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