Lesley had her baby! Yay! I stole this picture from her site, because it was one of the best ones she posted. Her name is Ava Janae Babson. Same middle name as her mommy!

I wanted to officially congratulate Lesley and Eric. I am so happy for them both, and wish that I was closer so I could share more in their joy.

Well, now on that note, I'd like to change the subject. FYI- The Pistons play The LA Kobes tonight. A.K.A. the LA Rapers. I strongly dislike Kobe. I mean, I don't think you quite understand. I would use the word hate, but that's pretty strong. I really really really don't like him.

If you haven't already, please give me your honest opinion on online dating (See the previous post) and completely ignore Amanda "Man Legs" Livezey Faz's comment. She's out of control.

I have a mind full of more questions I'm going to ask your opinions on. It probably won't be anything important like politics (so sick of hearing politicians - especially after Michigan just re-elected their Mole of a governor). No literally, she has a giant mole and I swear that each time I see her its in a different spot like on "Robin Hood: Men in Tights." Every time she is on the TV I catch myself repeating dialogue from Goldmember. "Nice to meet your mole... nice to meet you. Don't say mole. I said mole. MOLEY MOLEY MOLEY!" Seriously folks... I didn't vote for Governor Granholm or her Mole.

Anyway the point of me saying this is its just for funsies. I don't want to get into long drawn out discussions on very controversial issues... if I wanted to do that, I would. But I really don't feel like it most of the time. I don't know if its laziness or apathy or just plain fatigue of that sort of thing. Or it could just be that I really don't like hearing people's opinion when they disagree with me. But anyway, I think it could be fun. I've really appreciated hearing what all of you have to say about online dating. I'm not sure what I think of it myself, and maybe that's why I ask. But keep those opinions coming. I was just waiting for Mike Cline to make a comment. He's usually full of opinions ( I don't mean that in a bad way).

I hate to end on that note, so I'm going to have to think of something else to write about. Well, my boss is thinking of retiring soon, and that means that B (the woman who I'm the assistant to) will be taking over for him as a new agent. Well, this is all fine and dandy, and B said that she would have me working for her. Well, after a series of meetings about the subject, I'm not sure that's true anymore. No one really knows how this would work, because of a lot of different factors, but is has been made clear that pretty much no one's future is secure here (and that led to our morning receptionist S coming to work intoxicated again - allegedly because she found out that she won't have a job here long term). Anyway, I've been keeping an ear perked for jobs anyway, so I'll just have to keep making sure that there's not something better for me out there. I like where I work most of the time and like most of the people I work with, but I gotta keep looking out for myself.


Heather said…
online dating: hm... I get really sensative on this one. A LOT of my friends back home are into this, and I have 3 friends who've married people they've met online, and another friend who's getting pretty darn close. To me, there's something creepy and unnecessarily vulnerable about the whole idea. I would much rather just let nature take it's course and trust that God will bring that person my way without my having to put myself out there on the sale rack at amazon.com... but then again, I know God can use any means... :)
I'm sure that's not much different from any other "fence-walking" type.
Hey - thanks for your encouragement. I would LOVE to actually SEE You again someday! You are a HUGE encouragement to me!!!
Amanda said…
First of all, if you ever call me man legs online again, I will post a certain photo of you that we discussed this morning. Second of all, that pic of Lesley is really cute, but why isn't she wearing a shirt?
Kristen said…
To answer Man Leg's comment: Lesley is probably wearing one of those crazy hospital gowns and it fell down over her shoulders... at least that's my best guess, because I don't ever remember her being a huge exhibitionist.

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