So today is Election day.... why don't they call it voting day? Just curious.

I need to rant about something. Last night, we were talking about voting (we being me, mom, my brother Terry who is 17). I mentioned that I needed to get online and look at the proposals to see which way I wanted to vote on them. My brother proceeded to say "Its No, Yes No, No, Yes," or something like that. Shocked, I looked at him and said "WHAT?!" He said, "that's what it is, because that's the way Rachel is voting." Rachel is his girlfriend... and she works at the state capitol. Well, I proceeded to tell him "Well, I have a mind of my own, and I'm not going to vote that way just because Rachel does! I am going to look at them and see what I really think of all of them!" Then I told him that his third one was wrong anyway, cuz I was going to vote yes on #3 because that will allow people to shoot doves. Haha. He freaked out! I don't care.. doves kinda look like seagulls. Anyone in chorale might remember the incident with the seagulls on Clearwater beach. THANKS SHAWN JANOFSKI!

Pistons lost last night, but it was a GREAT game! Oh my gosh, I was so stoked. My man Rasheed had a double double.... with somewhere around (official stats are TBD) 24 Points and 12 Rebounds. AWESOME! I love when the tick him off, because he brings his A game and kills the competition. The Pistons ended up losing in the last seconds by 2. However, I still think on the last shot they were fouled... but I'm glad they didn't go into overtime, because I was exhausted!


I gave a dove a turbo boost because it was walking in the freeway when i was testing a truck. Instead of walking off to the side it decided to fly infront of the truck like it could out run it so it got the thrill of going 75mph over my windshield.Im kinda for the dove thing, we have 60 million of them by my house i dont see pigeons any more i see them. But you should be happy your brother does want to vote i have many friends who don't .... i have no idea why not.

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