I don't care what anyone says, I Love Rasheed Wallace.

I am getting more and more infuriated by the day with the new rules of the NBA. How is it that a guy can literally just move his arm and get a technical in a game, and in the same game, a guy on the other team makes the same gesture, for the same reason, and he doesn't get a technical! That is not cool! There needs to be consistency within these rules. They say they don't want to take the emotion out of the game and that guys are allowed to react in the heat of the moment. They also say that they don't want people to argue with officials. So when Chauncey reacts to a call, he gets a tech. How is that not in the heat of the moment? This is just ridiculous. The commissioner of the NBA is destroying a great game and making it political. I watch sports because I'm sick of politics. Its a game. Let the guys play! Let them make a gesture as if to say "dang it" when they foul someone or get fouled. That's all Chauncey did and he got a technical. This is just ridiculous, and I think that the NBA needs to seriously consider all of the changes they are making, because they are making this game not fun to watch.

However, I will watch the Pistons play the Kings tonight. Inevitably, Rasheed will get a technical for blinking too fast, and Rip will get a 5 fouls called on him for running too fast.

What else is going on in my life? Not too much. Just working and stuff. I am about to get things straightened out with Chrysler. I am still irritated that the owner went back on his word. What a weiner.

The other thing I wanted to mention was something that happened the other night. I had gotten out of the shower and my mom came up to me and said that some guy was just at the door for me. I thought that was odd. Then she told me that it was a private investigator and handed me his card. Now, although if it was a prank, it would probably be the best prank ever, its not, because my mom would never think of anything like that and would never know how to go about pulling something off like that. So then my mom asked me what he could possibly want with me. I had no clue, and tried to figure it out myself.

Then yesterday when I got home, one of the first things my mom did was ask me if I had called the investigator yet. I told her no. I had forgotten and I had left the card at home. She kept grilling me about what he might want from me. I told her that I have no clue... she asked if it could be about something where I used to work, or about my old boss that "resigned," for an alleged lapse in judgement. I don't know.

The first thing that came to my mind was the specials you always see on talk shows about how people are reunited with their biological parents and stuff like that. I am kinda hoping that is not what it is, but one never knows. Why after 26 years would this happen now? I don't think it would. I don't know. I have mixed feelings, but I feel like I would only end up disappointed in the end. I would rather keep everything the same and be content than meet my biological father and be eternally disappointed. At least I'm used to the disappointment now.


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